The shot

the shot is a reality tv show about 10 aspiring amateur photographers on their way to launch a professional career in the high end fashion photography. the show is hosted by russell james, a world renowned fashion photographer.

to shutterbugs out there, do watch the show at ntv7, 10pm, sunday. you’ll get plenty of tips there, trust me. :wink:

great info… thanks LB

i thought Tequila shot…

ya,watched that last nite,must agreed it’s a good one to learn,thanks LB :slight_smile:

the shot is the name of the reality tv show…perhaps next time, we can go for a real requila tequila shot ya. :wink:

last night show has a lot to offer in terms of information on how to shoot a great underwater photography. at least we know what to expect and prepare for underwater photography in the future. i cant wait to see the next episode this sunday. :slight_smile:

you’re welcome nainet. glad to share good info for others to benefit and hope to see the ‘domino effect’ of it in the near future. :slight_smile:

out of topic and long overdue, but once, I thought LAdybird in The Borneo Post is the same as MC moderator.

what with the out of topic and long overdue issue g.gray? :?:

too bad no ntv7 with me~