The Santa Claus Conspiracy

Okay so now this is a bit mind blowing. I never thought of this actually damaging trust! I will have to share this one. It makes sense though… Why would you lie to a child and expect them to trust you? I remember my mother didn’t know what to tell me when I found out.

I thin this applies to some, not all!! I ever had an issue with trust and i like the fables. :relieved:

I am not sure how to view this. It makes very valid points but I don’t thin it effects everyone the same. A lot of people who grew up believing in Santa lead successful lives and relationships.

This has studies backing it but are we really surprised? So many kids are ungrateful today that holidays like this have become a tool or a way to keep them stuck in this crap for a lifetime. I feel bad for the parents but they should know better. Never reward ungratefulness.