The Pujut Flyover

Greetings all,
Documented the new Pujut Flyover when I was in Miri.

The newly built Pujut Flyover. It rained earlier causing wet road. Cars are on a slow pace as an accident occured just 50 meters in front.
The new Pujut Flyover - Ivan
Taken f6.3 1/20 ISO500 190mm

Starlights, from the cars’ lamps. Vehicles passing over while a car brakes to decide to steer left or right.
The new Pujut Flyover - Ivan
Taken f6.3 1/6 ISO250 400mm

Hope you guys enjoy it (:

good job dude :slight_smile:

wow… nw then i noe tht de flyover look nice in de nite time. hahak… mayb is de technique of taking photo nice… anyway… its a nice pic

wow wee… more more pls

Nice shots. I suppose you were using a cross filter?

I attached a Cokin star filter. Having parked my car near the bus-stop at sesco, mounted the lens on a monopod, positioning it between the driver seat and door, with continous shooting mode ON. Thats a brief on how i took the photo. (:

y dun make use of the BULB MODE instead?