The new forum

Hi guys, welcome to the new forum - again. After considering the feedback gathered and gauging the performance of the previous forum system, it is concluded that our community deserves better. I understand it is not easy to get the community (close to 10 years old) to come onboard and rally behind this migration, but it would be great to have your support.

Take a look around and you will still see some similarities in terms of forum categories. There will be new things too like a posh new editor for both desktop and mobile, better flagging methods, email-to-posts, reply via emails, onebox for shared links, more focus on discussions, etc. Take a look at the quick guide here. Have fun and let me know if you encounter any complications.


Hello everyone, welcome to the new forum guys!! :smiley:

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Amazing! Simple but functional and easier to access #kipidap

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No problem. Will contact you via PM shortly. :smile:

This is Awesome!! Now… to upgrade the community itself…

Honestly speaking but not to offend the forum seems to have more ads than news, i ask my colleague to visit the forum since i post my stuff here and show more local news but he said he prefer, because the first impression he see was ads, buy and sell rather than community forum. I hope Jack try to redesign it the layout. First impression counts.

The forum default view is currently set to “Latest” - which suits most of the regulars whom are up-to-speed with things in the forum. For newcomers, the Categories view would be most suitable to understand the structure of the forum to locate things which interest them. Thanks for the feedback buddy, let me try to move things around a bit to gather some usage data.

Hi! Great new forum and it’s even greater to be back~ Had medical complications for past few months and thank God I’m back ^^
Oh how I miss Miri !

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:custard: :baby_bottle:

Great job, Jack! Good to be back after a short hiatus!

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