The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Mummy with kung fu moves? :roll:

Is that our Michelle Yeah inside?

Michelle Yeoh, not Yeah, sorry :mrgreen:. Oh, yeah, she is starring :slight_smile:


got Jet Li also le…

But no Rachel Weiss… he role taken by someone else. Sad.

Hmmm… Still havent lost the touch from mummy 1 and 2

Beast roar and dangerous airplane flight.

some how branden fraser looks older ? was it me or … ?

yala, no more rachel weisz…i like her character in mummy 1. beautiful but clumsy…

I wonder if there will be a convoy to go to Brunei for the premier of this movie.

when is the releasing date?
should be july rite??

That’s a Chinese Mummy… sure know Kung Fu one la…

When is the release date?

its 31wst July at KL…
I am going to watch it for sure coz it seems like really interesting from the preview I saw when i watch The Dark Night

I wanna join also. I’m already in Brunei so meet u all here lo

interesting, will go watch it!

wanna watch too…cinema miri here got show ka??

:shock: of coz got,i think 31 july showin eh…

I definitely will go and watch this one at the cineplex.

Jet Li is one of my fav. actors.

wah…angel then did u watch forbidden kingdom??
action of my 2 fave actor double J
Jet LI and Jacke Chan

Yes, pEi.

Jackie Chan is my fav. too. Funny guy.

yeah almost watch every movie he take at hollywood
especially rush hour