The MSI P45 Launch Event On Miri

[b]MSI P45 Mobo Launch On Miri By 23th July 2008

Date : 23/07/2008
Venue : Inperial Hotel
Time : 9.00 a.m[/b]


[size=150]Now that the latest motherboards featuring the Intel P45 chipset have been released, the questions on which one performs best have started. For some, the feature set will ultimately make the final determination on which one to purchase. Others will base their purchases on price regardless of performance or feature set. Then there is the enthusiast, for whom the only thing that matters is performance and the ability to reach insane clock speeds on the processor and memory. Some boards have it and some dont. It is the ability to reach the maximum speeds that your hardware is capable of, CPU or system memory.

Using the Intel P45 northbridge chipset and the Intel ICH10R southbridge, the MSI P45 Platinum is one of these latest releases and is part of MSIs Gaming Series of motherboards. Support is available for the latest Core 2 Duo. Quad core and Extreme 45nm CPUs, 16 gigabytes of system memory running at speeds of 1200 (OC)/1066/800. Supporting the latest enthusiast grade hardware, does the MSI P45 Platinum have It?[/size]

Closer Look:
[size=150]Any of you who have used the RyderMark benchmark might recognize the character on the front panel of the box. If it’s not the character it looks darn close. The front panel shows the 45nm compatability, Certification for Windows Vista and the DrMos features. The rear panel expands on the DrMos features, Green Power, Express Cool and Rapid Boost.[/size]

MSI P45 Platinum Photo:-

[size=150]The Circu-Pipe cooling system is a series of heat pipes that interconnect the heat producing components of the motherboard. Not much stands out from the crowd until you get to the northbridge heatsink. This heatsink sports five, yes five, heatpipes attached to a mini tower. Not only is it unique looking, but it works to keep the northbridge cool. The power supply circuits for the CPU are all sinked and feed the heat into the system for dissipation.[/size]

[size=150]Just to get an idea of the height of the Circu-pipe heatsink, I put the I/O shield up next to it to offer that comparison. There are two jumpers in between the x16 PCI-E slots. These jumpers can be used to increase the CPU clock frequency, in essence a quick and easy way to overclock outside the BIOS.[/size]




* Excellent energy-saving capability and offers high-computing performance.
* In full loading system, DrMOS drops the surface temperature by 16 degrees.
* Provide superior energy-saving function and maintain an ultimate low temperature operation.
* Comes with three incredible features.

All Solid Capacitors

* Longer lifespan than electrolytic capacitors
* Endurable to operation under higher frequency & temperature
* Avoid exploding capacitors to cause mainboards failure

[size=150]All Shielded Choke[/size]

* A choke is an inductor responsible for storing power and regulates the current.
* All shielded choke could reduce core power loss, lower EMI interference.
* Store energy longer at higher frequency, achieving higher efficiency.

[size=150]Circu-Pipe 2[/size]

* Equipped with 5 heat-pipe
* Trapezoid plate - Best heat transfer
* Max expansion in limit space - fit with giant CPU cooler
* Exclusive Circu-Pipe2 offers high quality extreme cooling

2-phase Power

* 2-phase Power on Memory/Northbridge
* Power Efficient!
* Lower Temperature
* Max voltage Control

[size=150]VGA Booster[/size]

* Both graphic channel are from Northbridge(MCH), no more bottleneck issue
* Native PCI Express 2.0
* Auto detect & switch in 1 x16 / 2 x8 (CF-X) mode
* VGA Booster push the 3D performance up to a new level

OC Jumper

* RapidBoost - OC Jumper
* OC Jumper gives MSI mainboards more tolerance to achieve OC limit
* Make overclocking easier for end-users


* Easy connect to front panel & chassis cable
* 2x USB, IEEE 1394, front panel (JFP1/2)& audio(JAUD1) M-connector in the package
*  Easy to tell the definition of each pin

[size=150]User Friendly Design[/size]

* Functions designed with button to be easy use.
* Help power-users tweaking process in-chasis enviornment
* Onboard SATA ports are stacked on the mainboard to avoid mechanical issue with giant graphic cards like 8800 Ultra.

CrossFireX Support

* Equip with 2 or more PCIe x16 slots, ATI CrossFire Ready.
* The ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform.
* Provides 2.7x faster performance than single graphic card solution.

[size=150]Green Power Design[/size]

* With Multi-phase PWM IC, which lead to better power converting, reducing noise and expand the lifespan and stability.

[size=150]MSI Advanced Live Update Online
* The MSI Live Update online is designed to automatically download and update the BIOS and driver when theres a new version online. It helps reduce the risk of getting the wrong file and minimize the trouble of searching the files from MSI website.
Dual Core Center
* Key components status hardware monitor.
* Monitor the Dual Core CPU each unit status.
* Optimize System status define.
* Auto speed up with system loading change.
* live_update_3 standard: Live Update 3 is a single utility software that automatically checks BIOS, driver and utility updates and installs for you , which can save your time for searching and lower the risk while updating.[/spoiler]


[size=150]Crysis is a new addition to the gaming benchmark suite used at This game is one of the most anticipated and system intensive games on the market right now. The Crysis single player demo includes a GPU benchmark to test the performance of the video card installed in the system.

[size=150] * Anti-Aliasing: x2
* Advanced settings to Medium [/size]


[size=150]The performance of the MSI P45 Platinum falls somewhere between the two comparison motherboards. In 47 out of 67 benchmarks, the MSI P45 solution performed equally or better than the P45 comparison board, the Asus P5Q Deluxe. Against the X48-DQ6, the performance was equal to or better than the X48 based board in 40 out of 67 benchmarks. Overall, it outperformed both boards in only 9 out of 67 tests run. While this looks like a really poor performance, you have to look at the number of times the performance was equal to the comparison systems. What this shows is that the performance is very close across the board. The scientific benchmarks were really not the strong suite on the MSI offering when compared to the X48 based board. But the performance is not far off the pace considering closeness of most of the results.

The performance of the P45 Platinum at stock speeds does not quite rival that of the X48 based comparison board. Where it really shines is when it comes time to push the clock speeds. This board, in no uncertain terms, allowed me to reach the highest FSB and core speeds of any board I have tested with my Intel Q9450 at 515 FSB and 3920MHz. For a quad core CPU it seems the stars need to be aligned just right to get to and through the 500 FSB plateau. The MSI P45 Platinum reached this plateau and pushed even further than I thought was possible with this chip. I had booted at 500 FSB before, but never was able to gain enough stability to get into the operating system, much less run benchmarks. 500 FSB? No problem! Run benchmarks? No problem! Awesome! Any time the settings deviate from the stock settings on a motherboard there is the chance that it will not boot. On many boards this requires a CMOS clear to get back to the baseline default settings. Just about all of the times I pushed a little too hard all that was required to get back to square one was a simple shut down and reboot. MSI has made the failed overclocking recovery an almost pain free proposition. Almost pain free because the Clear CMOS button on the I/O panel came in handy more than once.

Part of the performance equation with any board is the ability to shed the heat generated by the power regulating components and the chipsets. Over the past few years the predominant solution for enthusiast class boards has been the interconnected heatpipe system that connects all of the heatsinks together to work as a system. MSI has offered a unique look and solution to the heat problem with the Circu pipe system. Five, count them five, heatpipes terminate in finned assemblies over the northbridge and effectively shed the heat generated by the board. The airflow flowing across the finned coolers from the CPU cooler was sufficient enough to keep the assembly from getting too warm. Nice work considering some of the cooling solutions here lately have become so hot that an additional fan was required to keep the heat in check. At 189 dollars, you have a board that falls well under the $350 and up premium that performance boards have been priced at these past few months. If you take the feature set, the performance, overclocking potential with a quad core CPU, then consider the pricing (as low as $159 after rebates) the MSI P45 Platinum is one heck of a bargain.[/size]


[size=150] * Overclocking potential
* Price
* Circu-Pipe cooling works
* Onboard switchs
* Overclocking recovery
* BIOS options
* Crossfire X capable[/size]


[size=150] * Not as quick as the X48 based board[/size]

All information on this motherboard was provided by MSI @

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[quote=“lonelyfish”][b]MSI P45 Mobo Launch On Miri By 23th July 2008

Date :[size=150] 23/07/2007[/size]
Venue : Inperial Hotel
Time : 9.00 a.m[/b]


All information on this motherboard was provided by MSI @[/quote]


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[quote=“lonelyfish”]oh …have to do like that…is it? StratOS…if all like this…more ppl will join tothis forum…

yes…in imperial…but not at lobby…may be 5th flr…[/quote]

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