The Most Insanely Stupid Man on Earth - Gorilla199

Imagine David Icke and NephilimFree fused into one another into the average lowest common denominator between the two. This is how insanely stupid Gorilla199 is, who after watching a YouTube video about General Relativity came to some radical conclusions regarding Einstein’s theory of gravity.
Besides thinking that space is a two dimensional grid (after all that’s what the program he saw showed), Gorilla199 exposed Einstein’s theories for what they really are - a satanic shape shifting reptilian Freemason science invented for the soul purpose of discrediting god who apparently had a different definition of space in the Bible (which is weird for an all-knowing super mega begin).
Well in this video, it will not only show you the observational data that we have that confirm General Relativity (such as how objects act near large masses, gravitational lensing and gravitational waves), but also show you the clearest way that illustrates, using Newton’s equations of motion and gravity, that mass most probably bends space, or rather space-time.

original youtube produced by Gorilla199:

I think we got one fellow here in MC who beats this guy in terms of stupidity.

Ok , back to topic. So, is this Gorilla199 guy for real (even on insanity reasons), or is he just an attention seeking troll who tried to get net traffic to his site?

haha…maybe Gorilla199 was just seeking attention.

nobody (in their right mind, with a bit of knowledge in physic) would challenge the laws and theories of physic made by Einstein…

Maybe he actually believed it… each ideas and concepts… you know how some people are so deluded, that they actually believe the lies that they told in the first place. For instance, how Kanye West believe he ranks amongst Mozard and Bethovens :smiley: .

Well, i suppose this scenario count as stupidity as well. Bro dornografi, how did u came across this in the first place? I imagined you typing ‘stupidest man in the world’ in the search box… that image made me LOLed.

I forgot what i was searching for on the Youtube initially, but certainly not “the stupidest man on earth” lah…was doing researching about sciences and weird stuffs like Dmsia…and Youtube suggested me this video.

and I watched it. :smiley:

Okay… searchbox: Dmsia in real life? hehe.

to me, this showed that the man have a ball standing for his opinion. doesn’t care whatever other people. and he doesn’t easily get influence by others. he does not simply just believe whatever people told him regardless who that person is. he look for proofs and do his research. not like most of us. the best example is the 21st December apocalypse. some idiot do really believe that crap without doing the thinking part. i don’t care whether who is wrong or right here, but my point is stand for your believe. don’t let other people kill your believe without a fight.