The largest New Shopping Mall in Miri City

Old Wing = Imperial Mall
New Wing = Imperial Plaza

Imperial Plaza[NEW WING] are sky bridge link to existing Imperial Mall [OLD WING] on second floor !

the new mall + old wing will be large shopping mall in miri city …

-Bowling centre
-Skating rink
-Children playground
-More Chain store more coffee shop …
-Parking more than 1000 …


omg… this for real…? hope for a new cineplex|!!! EAT THAT ■■■■ Star Cineplex!

OMG where to park our cars xD

So, expect massive traffic jam at the post office… Can’t even park the car to go to the post office.

Move the post office…problem solved… LOL!!

There will be 2 levels of underground basement carpark just like the existing one.

Hopefully it’ll broad and spacious like Singapore underground parking lots.

This is exciting!!! Can’t wait to see what they do with it…hopefully, they won’t disappoint.

Look like SY have the funding to start the constructions liao… I think the construction speed will be much faster than Bintang and Merdeka mall if SY do it with full speed…

Funding to start…hopefully, enough funding to build…fast fast!

wow, this is so great
finally can feel that miri is really expanding
i wonder how much it gona change when i am back there next year
hope that i can still recognise it
really cant wait to be back

if imperial’s cinema is GSC or TGV or at least something better than cineplex…all teenagers gonna go imperial
skybridge?like the one connecting KLCC?

Not bad not bad^^

Just how many shopping mall does Miri need?

Anyway I really hope GSC / TGV will consider opening in Miri. If the Imperial Plaza owner read this, DO NOT LET STAR CINEPLEX GROUP OPEN AT YOUR PREMISE.

Ltr Imperial Plaza owner say:
“U think u r the boss ah?”

Lah forget it lah guys, TGV / GSC will NEVER open in SARAWAK! Why? cos the stupid star cineplex will argue saying that if a west malaysian company comes here it will rob the “locals” out of their income. Locals here being STAR Cineplex.

New style Imperial plaza shopping mall DONT HAV any supermarket/hypermarket !
but got 100++ Shop/store inside the mall ~

bcoz The imperial mall inside r got BOULEVERD HYPERMARKET edi…

special bit ^^

MIri is indeed a good place!!! no doubt!!! Go Miri Go!!

[quote=“jasonwee”]New style Imperial plaza shopping mall DONT HAV any supermarket/hypermarket !
but got 100++ Shop/store inside the mall ~

special bit ^^[/quote]

Already got B’vard hyper st the old wing liao, no need additional supermarket liao.

[size=150]I wish Miri has a cineplex like at 1Borneo…when aa???can’t stand with 1 cineplex here…rat running here n there…huhu…[/size]

agreed…d problem now is…how long will it take for d new mall to complete…like the merdeka mall take so long time…compared to parkson new wing wic is kinda fast…