The Goblin Hat

Enid Blyton was a famous author, she wrote - “There was once a very mischievous goblin who had a magic hat. It was a very big one, with a wide curly brim, and it was bright red, except for its feather, which was blue. It was a very magical hat. When the goblin put it on, he couldn’t be seen! It made him invisible at once. But of course, the hat could be seen, so it was a strange sight to see the hat bobbing along the street, it’s blue feather waving, and nobody underneath it! It made people very frightened indeed”.


She is still a famous author, love her books, make kids dare to dream :idea:

xD careful kids, tht goblin eats toy and he likes to hide and steal your most loving toy when you are not aware of his existence… he also gave santa clause a bloody hard time … since he has no permenant job, all he does is something to amuse himself with all the things he does to people when they are not watching… careful! he might be hidding at your backyard keeping an eye on your movement.

you mean grown up kids like yourself. :lol:

im offended >:(
goblin will come to you

kids nowadays more to harry potter/twilight. xD

of course he doesnt have a permanent job, he doesnt have to because he has this magical hat right ? that can make him invinsible , he can rob any bank he wants any day … :idea: