The extra hand

No man is an island
Everyone needs help
and we are here to help at a minimal price

We understand that most of us are busy people, working hard each day to lay food on the table back home
but that leaves us very little time for the other things in life
there is no specific job that we do

if you need someone to buy your groceries
deliver the food that u like at office
someone to bring your friends/relatives/visitors around miri for a day
someone to send you to the airport
sort your files
bake the cake u always wish you could (even if it’s your own recipe)
make sandwiches/re
babysit for a couple hours
tutor your child
paint your room &
here’s an example : you may dream of eating kfck but you dont like going there yourself (we can buy it for you with a charge of few ringgit) or
if you know what is on sale but you dont have the time or you just dislike being in crowded places look for us

We basically do everything under the sun
We are NO specialists
We only help you to realize your plans without u having to spend time on them
and through the connections you wish you had

feel free to text/whatsapp us to discuss (0168767260)
you have nothing to lose
prices are to be agreed beforehand &
you have every right to decline offers that are not to your liking

p/s : perhaps it may be difficult to trust someone online
but if you mean business we can arrange to meet up for discussion