The Deep Web: The another site of the Internet


For those who do not know , The Deep Web is something that represents most of the content on the internet that can not be accessed normally through the major searches like Google / Yahoo / Bing or other search engines.

Search the internet today, can be compared to dragging nets across the sea surface , although many fish are caught in nets, but many still live and there at the bottom. And the remaining portion continues to be a secret and escape from view. Just like the Internet , most content on the internet is dynamically generated and stored away in principle, ordinary search engines will not be able to find it.

Here are some facts on The Deep Web :
Information available in the Deep Web now this almost 500 times more than the information available on the World Wide Web.

The Deep Web contains 7500 data compared to 19 Terabyte Terabyte of data available on the World Wide Web.

The Deep Web store more than 550 billion individual documents compared to only 1 billion on the World Wide Web.

More than 200 thousand websites available in the Deep Web for now.

The Deep Web , more and more categories of information emerging daily.

Because of too much information available, The Deep Web is more narrow and difficult to penetrate .

The quality of information in the Deep Web is 100 to 200 times greater than the World Wide Web.

The Deep Web content more relevant to the search , market , and domain .

Over 95 percent of the information in the Deep Web is free and can be shared freely.

[size=150]What To Have In The Deep Web?[/size]

What’s below the surface The Deep Web is what is not allowed to be published in the World Wide Web. The Deep Web , almost all of which are sought after by hackers , scientists , drug dealers , murderers , physicians, members of the revolution , the government , police , terrorists , penyumbaleweng , data collectors , kidnappers , sociologists and many others , covering all aspects of good moral and evil .

Browser will feel something very interesting and can be studied even though there are millions of bad things that inhabit the Deep Web. In addition, there are also many good things that can be shared without restrictions and privacy laws .

The Deep Web viewed as a world where you are free to share whatever , if you’re a killer , you can advertise your services on the Deep Web , if you are a drug dealer , you can sell whatever drugs there, so even if you have some confidential information about any government , you are free to put it there. It was created to provide free and only knows only able to access it .

All that you can read in WikiLeaks actually saved a few years longer in The Deep Web before WikiLeaks published . Maybe you 've been watching the action in the movie hackers had hacked through which you feel strange server does not exist , the server really weird is the Deep Web. In general , terrorists , murderers , drug dealers and porn surfers have long been using the Deep Web for their purposes . There a specific site also publish facts and photos about the secret Area 51 .

Up to now , there are millions of drug dealers operating sell their drugs openly in the Deep Web , a variety of drugs sold , from ecstasy through to Meth , all sold and exhibited in public. Similarly, their information , how to purchase and delivery. Same with the assassin , you can see millions of assassins who offer their services with wages between 20 thousand to 50 thousand EURO . Each day there will be no credit card sales transactions that have been hacked , you can easily purchase credit card has been hacked and subsequently use them in socks and protocols that have been given.

Even the ever aired on The Deep Web , the website that has the symbol of death ’ Russian Roulette ’ and managed by the real mafia organizations . They published are real players who have been trained professionally and play just to die . Not acting by accident .

[size=150]How To Enter Into The Deep Web[/size]

The Deep Web content , not designed for the average person , I can only give hints but will not show the actual way how to get there. Only those who know how and protocols alone can access . Although the contents of the Deep Web seem daunting , there are many other useful information that can be used for good. Immediately after you have managed to get into the Deep Web , all that will happen is under your own responsibilities.

Before you try to enter The Deep Web , read and understand first how it works , you can read about it here :

Here is information on what the networks. Onion and how it works:

Here you can read about TOR ( The Onion Router ) ( anonymity_network )

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