The best telco plan for samsung brand

right now still searching which telco plan for samsung brand better …
Asking for opinion, which Telco plan is recommended for smartphone samsung brand…
if have telco plan for samsung plan possible can you all share with me

celcom plan right now very hot and they have smart phone pay monthly too
before this maxis have doing plan like that but i heard many bad comment using maxis one
better using celcom plan

i using celcom first gold plan but how to get smartphone pay monthly ??

u can subscribe to the New Phone Program at any Blue Cube outlets located .at there will explain to you :smile:

if you are an existing Celcom subscriber for 12 months or more u can get new phone and if u want just go at any blue cube …that i know :grin:

i found this twitter and they say this celcom programe newphone and no needed contract

must have plan first blue or gold celcom and can own smartphones at
monthly rates…

How i am currently on contract with celcom.can i signup for newphone?

if you have plan first gold or blue u can signup for new Phone :slight_smile:

Is that all original phone??:yum:

ofcourse laa ori if you buy hp at shop its price 2k so expensive
if you buy at blue cube celcom u just pay monthly price

If buy at shop 2k same my salary…hahahh so expensive

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