The After School Project- Mentor Trial Session

Hello Miri, The After School Project is having our Mental Trial Session on May 28, 2014. You might wondering what is the this all about yay? Let’s me explain to you.
The After School Project Miri is a philanthropy that provides free youth mentoring for orphans and kids in need. We’re now looking for more volunteers to get involve in the program.

I wanted to be a mentor but Ive no experience,
Im interested but I dont know how to interact with kids,
Im not sure if I can fully commit my time and energy,

Maybe you have experience in youth mentoring before, maybe you have no experience at all but you just want to know a bit more about it, or maybe you simply want to spend your valuable time with the kids.

Dont worry. Theres a perfect opportunity for you to explore and find out more.

The After School Project would like to invite you our 2 hours Mentor Trial Sessions where we will begin to tell you what we do and how you can contribute and get involved in the kids life.

NO participant fee will be charged.

How the event works?

The session starts with the sharing session with our experienced mentors and experts. The fun continues with the personal time of you to interact with the kids.

Do it your own way: Story-telling, singing, dancing, board games, even outdoor activities such as Frisbee, jumping sand bag and etc. You name it! However, it will be advised to bring your own learning and playing materials.

We hope that in this 2 hours times you will get some idea of how The After School Project works, and most importantly, we want you to have a great time hanging out with the kids.

There are 2 sessions available for the Mentor Trial Session:

Session 1: 9am-11am
Session 2: 1pm-3pm

Sign up either one of the slots, or even BOTH

Visit our website:
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