Actually almost all air cond nowadays are at same price, except those more better like panasonic and sharp of coz. Normal brand like Midea, Gree, LG, Ichiban and so on are all below RM1k include installation. cheapest i found is RM700, try do some research by going to 3-4 shops to ask…for me, i would rather spend more bit money to buy panasonic or sharp… If you buy like LG or midea those brand, the lifetime is short, after 3-4 years will maybe leaking, not cold enough, compressor rosak blabla…

really? actually i wan buy samsung…i am fed up will leaking problem because my air cond now is leaking. wonder cleaning service is work or not or just change a new one:) just new some consultation

btw, midea is good or not? because I heard it is cheap.

Cheap stuff doesn’t comes good quality and tahan for long time. bear in mind. haha just like proton cars in the adver…Midea air cold, erm so far okay la, im just using Midea air cooler fan, not air cond so i dunno, should be okay? choose sharp or panasonic la

Its for long term use, so, why choose cheap or unreliable brand.
Anyway, aircond now not very expensive mah, why not try SENQ, i bought all my electrical appliances there, excellent sales and after sales services, prices also very reasonable and much cheaper than other local stores.

if im not mistaken, we need to service the air-con once in 3months right, if so, thats another reason why some air-con not lasting…