Thank You Reading n Midlesboro

For ending Liverpool’s n Arsenal’s unbeaten run respectively at the weekend … :lol:

MU gonna lose to LIVERPOOL next weekend confirm

huhu… dont be overly confident… remember wat happened last season at anfield? its goin to be very2 close… i wud say… :wink:

i didnt watch d match
but if really wan2 win d title, we liverpool better eat smaller teams.
everybody in merseyside is guessing wot on rafa’s mind every match day.
too many rotation la
next week again MU, mayb got tiger fc show at CB.

we’ll wait and see!! hhaha

I understand there is a gathering place for Liverpool fan in Miri, where about is it?

Arsenal’s unbeaten run already ended during
Champion’s League match against Sevilla…

Unless you’re talking about EPL nia la…

yes there is a liverpool fans club in miri and i am one of the member . if you are interested can PM me or just go Balcony 16/12/07 this coming sunday which you can get your membership there and watch the match between LIVERPOOL VS MANCHESTER UNITED.

i saw middlesbrough vs arsenal last nite…and i can tell you that arsenal young guns still long way to go…if you want to win the league title that team must be consistent all the time…more over the arsenal player all play below par…

i will like to deny the statement above. 1st of all, Arsenal is using more old guns rather than young guns. the absence of 40% of the 1st team player last night ( van per sie, fabregas, helb, flamini. ) whose are one of the best youngster in the world. if with the present of them, in last night’s match, i confirm the result will be the other way round.

yeap bro…agree wif that…the unbeaten record has been destroyed by this 2 club…hhahaha

p/s kinda sad tho, im a die hard fan of liverpool…

im not so die hard fan
but i can sing liverpool themes (albeit wit off-key tunes la…)
but been supporting d team since the GOD appear at anfield.