Texas Holdem Poker

(hiengdee) #1

Any texas holdem poker player here in Miri?

(huongwk) #2


(hiengdee) #3

live or online? u know any poker room in Miri?

(Sleight of Hand Magic) #4

I like poker too but no one to play with haha.

(huongwk) #5


(hiengdee) #6

anyone playing online poker site? Pokerking? 1spoker?

Pokerking - www.pokerking.me or [url=http://www.pokerking.cc]www.pokerking.cc
1spoker - www.1spoker.com

(alexpola) #7

any pokering agent?

(hiengdee) #8

Yes, i am agent for pokerking and 1spoker. alexpola u play poker?

(alexpola) #9

what is the requirement to open this account

(hiengdee) #10

Hi alexpola, add me in MSN: hii_hieng_dee@hotmail.com

(alexpola) #11

i sent msg to ur msn already

(hiengdee) #12

bro, i didnt receive ur msg. wat is ur msn address? i add u

(thiery99) #13

pokerist in iphone…quite nice…

(hiengdee) #14

Hi Thiery, other than pokerist, other online poker site u play? do u play live? do u know any live poker games in Miri?

(MiriPokerClub) #15

Hi there. There is a live game poker launching everyday in Miri. Interested player please drop your contact for more information. Dealer, food , drinks are provided. Friendly environment

(hiengdee) #16

hi bro, where the game located? wat is the blind and also the rake?

(MiriPokerClub) #17

Hi there hieng dee… Could you drop me your mobile number so i can inform you the relevant information? we normally run 1/2 but we got 2/5 some of the days.
Rake is normal 5% with a kept.

Please do drop me your number to my personal inbox … Thanks.

And yes i do play online poker. Pokerstars.

(hiengdee) #18


(hiengdee) #19


(MiriPokerClub) #20

Could you drop me your number in your inbox? I couldnt reply any messages as i dont have the authorisation here.
Thanks bro.