Terminal feri kuala baram

HI guys how r u all doing ?? election fever rite ?..anyway need some direction here on how to get 2 Kuala Baram ferry terminal from Miri city.I understand its the place 2 get ferries to marudi??..please correct if im wrong…ur kind responses highly appreciated…thanks a lot guys…:slight_smile: peace…

The express boat terminal is just below the ASEAN bridge to brunei… Heading towards brunei direction, just at the foot of the bridge there’s a turning to the left, you could see few buildings (Sin Yang - Office) building and Tamu and some gerai makan… after turning in, turn to your first right and just go straight towards the river front. You’ll be on uneven road (no thanks to BN) heading to the jetty… timings of the express boats should be listed there, so is the fare amount. Give it a try before u make your trip… it’s not that hard to find actually.

thanks bro…asean brigde aka shinyang bridge rite ??..cool ill try to find it …thanks alot:)

hi guys …another inquiry here if u all dnt mind…im just wondering how long(hours) the ride by ferry from the terminal to Marudi?..thanks guys…

Roughly 2 hours 45 mins, give or take. Better come early to reserve your seat because it is very cramp, not enough leg room. Worse being late, you might have to settle for a seat all the way to the back, near the roaring engine and toilet (like I did).

This was from last month. You can see the seat is so close together that you have to put your legs up just to sit down comfortably! I had a metal window but at least its fresh air!

election time, so there will be lots of promises from our PM, one of them includes building a new road linking miri to marudi! :evil: