Teo and Roland win Miri and Baram PKR branch leader seats

MIRI: Dr Michael Teo Yu Keng and Roland Engan have both won the Miri and Baram Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) branch leader seats in the PKR election today.

For Miri PKR deputy chairman, Bolhan Saliji won by 101 votes, beating Christina Rimbor Kelit who had 57 votes and Wesley Ancho Mering with 9 votes.

The vice-chancellor seat was won by Churchill Chukan with 86 votes, defeating Ricky Bakir who garnered 66 votes.

On Baram’s side, the deputy chairman seat went to Boyce Ngau Anyi who secured 129 votes, just slightly more than his competitor Paul Baya who had gotten 114 votes.

Vice-chancellor went to Chaterine Jok Uvang who beat Elias Lipi Mat’s 111 votes.

The results today show Rafizi Ramli winning two branches, namely Miri and Sibuti while Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmi Ali won the Baram branch.

For the Miri branch, Rafizi garnered 63 votes, just two votes more than Azmin. In Sibuti, Rafizi won with 42 votes while Azmin had 15 votes. In Baram, Azmin earned 100 votes while Rafizi had 97 votes.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/11/10/teo-and-roland-win-miri-and-baram-pkr-branch-leader-seats/