Technical Executive or Superintendent – 2-3 Posts (CLOSED)

Assist in monitoring ships certificates and coordinate with classification societies regularly.
Assist in liaising with the different departments involved in the maintenance schedule of the ship.
Assist in arranging work schedules with supplier/contractor and other parties.
Involve to ensure the repair/maintenance will be executed properly.
Assist in conduct thorough investigations and assessments.
Work with other department as a team and ensure that the company policies are implemented.
Study technical drawings and manuals, insert maker recommendation planned maintenance in excel format. Inspection ship where necessary.
Maintaining technical files and manuals.
Assist in preparing reports and following up with the close-outs to ensure that all defects, observations etc are properly closed out and filed.
Assist other departments when necessary to ensure the seaworthiness of the vessel.

At least two (2) years of relevant experience.
Minimum SPM qualification
Able to operate Microsoft & computer literate
Able to write and communicate in English and Malay (Chinese optional).
Able to work independently
Possess valid Driving Licence (Class D)

Interested applicants please email to . Please submit with detailed curriculum vitae, highlighting the working experience, qualification, contact no and expected salary.

r u sure SPM qualification can handle the task?

walau eh… SPM can become tech supt…
what happen to his world… !!!

that’s why it’s being mentioned in the Requirements: At least two (2) years of relevant experience.

IMHO is better than a degree holder with zero experience.

majority degree holder know how to talk ■■■■ & bullshitting around…

Who has SPM qualification and at least 2 years experience in this field also can try to apply.
As we need the person who has experience to join the team.

the post still available?

yes… still available.



Seriously? a person that has never been to sea gonna tell a chief engineer what to do? >.<

Please do not simply comments at the post if you are not interested.
We need a person who has experience to join the team.

What is the company name?

Highline Shipping Sdn Bhd

is this post still available?

yes. please send ur cv to the email address provided.

CV send !



yes, still available