Teasing muslim prayer in church ?!

i duno this news is new or not.
just want to share and as a lesson to everyone…
please give ur P.O.V repectfully and not to create religious tension.its enuf with what happenning in our country and the world today.

sorry the news in malay


its up to u to judge its a small issue or not…

Well, they did a good job, they should go enroll in Malaysian Idol.

I wish Malaysia are filled with freethinker.

All I can say is, I mock your religion, you mock my religion we all do that. Nothing fuzz. Be yourself. Live life. You’ll all die.

nasib ini sarawak if in wm die lah those kid.

I guess kids are pretty insensitive, but similarly people of different religions always do this to each other, no one is specifically a victim. One of my friends told me he took an exam in a school hall last time, and when he went out a girl only at age of probably 9 or 10 spit in front of him (a 1m distance) then screamed ‘kafir’ (muslim term for non-believers) before her friend quickly pulled her off.

Same word: Hail Atheism!

what were they thinking?

wear school T-shirt & post the video at YouTube?


Those teens are stupid!! We should respect each other so we can live in peace and happy in this world…

Stupid Kids. Really stupid. Felt sorry for your parents. Must be out of their freaking mind for not respecting the church & other religion.

Brainless kids.

really stupid… Im a christian myself… And sorry to say these kids dont know what christian is… and dont know what is a church… @.@

Teasing other people religion… is simply a sin… sin sin sin…

i’m neither muslim nor christian, but these kids are really lamers… brainless

this kid from betong rite?

paloiii…serve 'em right if legal action taken againt 'em…

yup,the school is St. Augustine in Betong…


i think they need to be teach in the proper manner on how to respect other religious.

It doesn;t matter where it is, we shud not be doing this, apa lagi, they put it in youtube… and think they are a Hero now. :evil:

normal la…kurang ajar one…

sigh… what is becoming of the people -.-

They didnt get any punishment for it? 1Malaysia???

I think they pakat buat this video…sengaja cari hal. juz like fake vids on youtube. Get a life!