Teachers’ failure equals students’ failure

I have survived school with a lot of help from my tutors. I cant really say the same about my teachers at school. Some did tend to come and go and those who came especially from West Malaysia lack the experience and subject knowledge. Training aside, how qualified are these graduates West or East Malaysians? How passionate are they about teaching in general? Lets consider teachers general attitudes and knowledge mastery.

There is a majority of students whose learning interest and study comprehension depend on teachers. I was one of them. My grades change according to the teacher and his/her teaching approach. Im not stupid, I know and even if I was, Im not THAT stupid. I love language be it Malay, Chinese or English. But when I got to secondary school my BM went from good to bad. I couldnt understand the concept of writing a good Malay essay. I kept asking questions after questions but whatever I did, or however I tried to improve in accordance to the GUIDELINES GIVEN (and they were not often the same) by my teacher, who funnily enough, was a fresh graduate and who was also my BM tutor, I was still marked as SALAH. The thing was even though he was obviously in the wrong, he would make excuses for his mistakes. To make things worse, he spoke in Kelantan accent (boy, was that a challenge for the students). I totally gave up on Malay when I received a non-credit for my BM. Luckily, my BI was the opposite of my BM thanks to my English tutor.

Okay, giving the new graduates some credit is fair. But one would expect them to be more humble. Learning after all is life long.

And to be fair, I wouldnt complement some of the local senior teachers either. Man, do some of them have an attitude problem. They have been in their posts so long that they think they reign the school - bullying students that they least like and demanding for unnecessary assistants from prefects. In addition, many of them think that they do not need to upgrade due to their seniority. They are, I think, no better than the mentioned fresh graduates.

Fortunately, it has been made compulsory that teachers sit for certain exams like the MUET or upgrade themselves by getting a degree. But unfortunately, many pay their way through success they get others to do their assignments especially when it comes to English assignments. So, how are we to expect students to succeed with such irresponsible guides and/or supervisors?

I believe there are a lot of good teachers out there old and new! But there are also too many bad eggs, and its a challenging climb to better education for students. Is there any way to wake the authority on this issue? What is your comment?

I recall my share of bad and good teachers. The good techers are, of course, memorable - but the bad ones are quickly forgotten. I don’t know how things have changed since but I suspect it would be more or less the same back then as it is today. We usually get teachers sent our way who either have no idea what they are teacher or came just because they were told to. There were exceptions - I recall we had a teacher who was excellent at making math easy to understand.

Usually we do what we always do with bad teachers - we don’t listen to them. (Bad example for students : don’t try this at home! Don’t listen to bad teachers, but learn the subjects well!!)

There is a minority of teachers who give wrong answers. And when you answer exam questions correctly, they mark it with red. How can you argue with a teacher? What if some students knew better than them? Would any student have the heart or guts to tell the teacher?

haha it would suck to be those students.

of course, if i were in those shoes i’d take note of what the teacher said, then go home, research the whole thing off the net, and then come back with a whole thesis on how he/she is wrong and have to bow down to me and proclaim me as Overlord of Righting Wrongs.