Teacher forces student to convert without parental consent

MIRI: A 13-year-old Iban student attending SMK Lutong lodged a police report against a teacher on March 25 for being forced to convert without parental consent.

According to the report lodged by the complainant, she was brought by a teacher she knew to a house in the Samling residential area in Kuala Baram accompanied by two women and three men.

At the house, she was led to ‘membaca doa dalam agama Islam’, after which she was given RM250 and Muslim prayer garments.

They had allegedly arranged for a date to take her to Jabatan Agama Islam on March 16 but she attests that she had no intention of converting.

In a formal letter of complaint on March 24 to the principal of SMK Lutong signed by her parents and grandparents, two teachers were accused in the case of alleged forced conversion, citing that they had not only given her money to buy prayer garments but had also been given a Muslim name and would be provided with a new nametag with said name.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2015/03/27/teacher-forces-student-to-convert-without-parental-consent/