Tatakan prayer performed before Kedayan village shuts itself off from outsiders

Villagers erect a sign informing outsiders not to enter.

MIRI: The Kedayan village of Pejuang Kelulit held an ancient Tatakan prayer on Monday before sealing the village off from outsiders in an attempt to prevent Covid-19 from infecting residents.

An elderly villager performed the Tatakan, after which villagers put up a temporary barrier across the village’s access road to prevent outsiders from entering.

“It is an old Kedayan rite and belief that it will help to seek God’s protection to avoid being infected by any disease in the community,” explained Pemanca Ali Mudin.

“Now we are facing the coronavirus outbreak and to our community there are a few things taboo that we must respect including the do’s and don’ts.”

He said as Muslims they must recite the Al-Fatihah, Salawat, and Salam to God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) before leaving the house to seek good health and safety.

“Our Kedayan community must not wear white and colourful and bright colours and won’t bergendang or play gong or music.

“Don’t whistle and don’t joke, including don’t hold a big dinner gathering, celebrations, or have fun,” he shared.

He added the community is also urged to take traditional herbal baths in the morning, afternoon, and evening before Maghrib prayers.

Ali said villagers’ houses must also be clean and smoked with Lakum leaves, especially in the evening to get rid of diseases.

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