Tan Ah Kow whack our Bins!


hi…Uchu Keling…did you make a complain to Toh Ah Kow? Or maybe MCC… try raise the issue with MCC and see what they say…because if we ask for a replacement, then MCC officer might ask us to pay for a change… and the damage is actually not cause by you… :wink:

By the way… Welcome to Mc.net… :lol: :lol:

Yes, agree with smallee.

I think I saw this on the papers I flipped through. Didn’t see in detail.

Who’s Tan Ah Kow?

I think it is Toh, i may be wrong. I think he is the contractor or the guy in charge of MCC rubbish collection.

Aah, I thought was some stupid gangster going around bashing rubbish bins as practice targets.

this kind of act is most likely to be carry out by Youngster more than gangster… why got gangster so free to do this like tat… even if yes, they won;t be consider gangster arr… maybe sounds better when we greet them unmature gangster…haha… :lol:

Maybe we should call them ‘gangster sampah’ as they go vandalise the rubbish bins… :lol: :lol:

My blog readers submitted more pic of similar vandalism at around Permy Jaya and Taman Tunku.

Well as far as i know Tong Ah Kaw or smth… and i’ve heard that he has gangster connections etc etc. One situation where i saw and heard, in the Saberkas area… well it’s normal for us to see shops having those roofs extended at the backside portion of their shops rite… and one day… this garbage truck was collecting rubbish like normal. But on this day i don’t know why that garbage truck reversed into the ally and wrecked one of the shop’s that had the extended roof they installed. So there was a little commotion which ended up with the shop owner asking for the garbage truck driver driving’s license. Lo and behold he did not have any… i mean… is this safe at all? Eventhough he is a garbage truck driver… he should have license to drive… and also i heard that the shop owner made a phone call to complain to that Ah Kaw guy but he said that installation of that roof was illegal etc… in another statement i heard that he directed the shop owner to call MCC and ask MCC to pay for the damages >_>

wah…ada case like this oso meh…

When i heard i also didn’t believe leh… but still… this is reality.

Thanks for the info, Saf.

Well heh. just to add actually its my family’s shop so… maybe you’d think the info is biased but that’s just abt roughly what happened

Welcome to the club…unchu. Should take the picture of my gabbage bin as well. went to MCC and ask them about this. The answer: IF THE BIN IS BELOW 5 YEARS OLD, THAN IT WILL BE REPLACE ( Under warranty…something like that la ) :roll:

Saf, why didn’t you contact reporters about it?

Well not sure what to do. My dad handled all those… heard him mumbling something abt legal suit or something but i’ll ask and reconfirm