Tamiya Mini 4WD

hey, i still remember playing Tamiya at Siong Lee every weekend when i was a lil kid. but nowadays, i dont think it is that famous/popular among kids anymore. anyone here still owns one?

i think cabut cabut and gone liao. everything rosak d

hahah still remeber…hyperdash,mach dash 5000 rpm dynamo engine hehe also i always play at siong lee there

lol, even entered the competitions.

i still got those race cars…hehe,some no engine…tamiya didnt give engine inside box…

hehe. nice nice. i entered the competition once. i still remember. have to pay RM5 for a try. haha. won the 10th place. the prize is a box of Tamiya. forgot wat’s the name of the tamiya already. spent alot of money on it. haha. athrun_zala_faith, u still have those race cars? mind to take picture & show us?

watch this guys. haha. very very very FAST!

hmmm… dunno throw at which place liao… if u didnt mention it, i really forget those happy days… kids kids…

aiya.old car liao…
some alloy parts i allready sold…now only left the bone,the cover also accident till broken…tyre is just normal one lah…many colour that type…didnt even win…show yours better…

haha. mine hilang liao. but few days ago went to Toysworld & Siong Lee. wanna buy & modify again since nothing to do. haha. but i wanna buy the track. any idea whr to buy? Siong Lee one quite short…can add longer one ka?

hehehe i got few tamiya cars b4 too

hehe…haven’t played it for a long time…

hehe. wah, many Mcnet members oso ever played tamiya o.

magnum saber
black mantaray
victory magnum
super saber
again…forgot already…in 1997 the famous tv shows…DASH YANKURO!

haha. yea. dash yonkuro or yankuro? still rmb my first car, sonic saber…after 2 days nia, rosak liao the motor. haha.

I still visit Siong Lee and buy those mini 4WD parts but it actually fit on my 1/24 scale Kyosho MINI-Z R/C. I’m already their permanent customer hee…heee…

oh. i see i see. do they sell those tamiya tracks? im planning to buy one…

i got one track at home, simple d. lucky is plastic else sure berkarat liao. wahaha.

oh…nice. are u selling the track? haha. hw long issit?

waiya, if i sell; my bro ll pancung my head. dono how long, short one la. later if eng bk home i take pic la