Taman Tunku new Shopping Mall

Anyone know anything about this? I heard rumor there will be a new shopping mall at the current entrance junction… Anyone can confirm the location? Thank you for your kind feedback… Jennifer :slight_smile:

No signs of a mall i’d say, only the new road link and houses at the current entrance.

The only rumors i heard is Giant going to open at the new shophouse area.

Not so sure about this though.

If that gonna happens, it will be in 2013.

Why 2013?

its giant coming to taman tunku by a company call episo which is the one developing taman selesa/tanjong now, its giant mall itself ulike permy mall. Source: i saw this news last week on uniteddaily newspaper.

Source from http://www.uniteddaily.com.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=77514:-episo&catid=34:2009-10-23-07-09-25&Itemid=63 Sorry in Chinese… :smiley:

hopefully it will be there eventhough around 2013. Servay Jaya taman tunku definitely need some competition. :smiley:

More and more shopping complex coming to Miri.

That’s just show Miri have a high buying power.