Taman Delight left high and dry

(gorshan) #1

since morning no water in Taman Delight. made several call to LAKU emergency number. explanation given pipe damaged undergoing repair, assurance given water will be reconnected in few hours time., at least lunchtime, now evening. no one picking up the emergency number 085-426626 / 436626 now. do i need to call a Minister before LAKU shows it care? as it is evening now and families had not have their baths, lunch or dinner should not LAKU shows some sense of responsibility by sending a water tanker to relieve miseries of residences in Taman Delight ? or is this typical first class infrastructure third class mentality?

(gorshan) #2

someone at last pick up the phone at 5:50pm and says no one informed him, tells me they switching on the valve now and water will be received very soon. lets see true or not?

(gorshan) #3

yahoo…! water came back on so i do not need call the Minister to complain after all.

so case closed. :smiley:

(winwin) #4

At long last.