Take appointment seriously, play active role — Rosey

Rosey (front row, seventh right) and Jamalie (seventh left) with the community leaders who received their certificates of appointment.

MIRI: Community leaders must take their appointment seriously and play an active role in helping to facilitate communication between the government and the people in their areas.

Assistant Minister of Women, Family and Childhood Development Rosey Yunus also called on them to be the people’s voices at the grassroots level.

“Total commitment from the community leaders is vital to ensure the problems faced by the people on the ground are heard and addressed by the government effectively,” she said when speaking at the presentation of appointment certificates to community leaders for Bekenu constituency at Subis District Office here recently.

Thus, Rosey who is Bekenu assemblywoman, wanted them to stay focused and think of how to further increase the community wellbeing in all aspects of development.

Twenty-two community leaders in her constituency received their appointment certificates at the function, namely Pemanca Ali Mudin, Penghulu Chu Chon Nee @ Choon Chang Yee, Penghulu Januin Taha, Penghulu Haw Min Wai, Penghulu Junit Molok and Penghulu Kipli Ali.

In the appointment of Ketua Kaum, the recipients were Hamdan Taha, Kamsani Kassim, Gusni Dris, Mahli Suhaili, Ahmad Drahman, Jumat Lampong, Nawang Ajak, Minggai Brahim, Tinggal Bak, Ali Yaman Jais, Ramlee Talip, Wan Fauzi Wan Ahmad and Abdul Hamid Salleh.

Three longhouse chiefs who received their certificate were Patrick Libau Anak Ignatius Sullai, Pilet Anak Gindi and Selan Anak Undau.

Also present was Subis District Officer Jamalie Busri.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2019/01/20/take-appointment-seriously-play-active-role-rosey/