Takashimaya in Miri?

Have anyone heard about Takashimaya in Miri? They came by my house twice this month during the weekends promoting their car security product. I suspect its because either my kancil or viva was parked outside. What ticked me off is their house-to-house marketing/advertising strategy (despite wearing their company shirt, not giving any contact no., and driving heavily tinted cars) by saying:

“You know, with a 20 sen coin, I can start your kancil instantly. Just give me 10 seconds to show you.”
“Do you know your car alarm system is easily disabled and your car is very vulnerable? Want me to prove it to you?”

Gosh, just how is one suppose to think and react given the situation when they just woke you up from your afternoon nap? I of course thank and decline them for their “attempts”, and went to get more information AFTER finishing off my nap. Last I recalled they said they have a branch somewhere in Centerpoint, and I believe this is their site: http://www.tksmy.com

Anyone have any experience with them please do drop a word here - be it their services, products or just encounters. Perhaps I might beef-up my car security if wallet permits. Thanks.

errmmmm…never heard that b4. :roll: 20cent coin can start a car? :shock: within 10sec somemore? :shock: walao eh… :shock: :shock:
disable alarm is easy, they just open the side signal light at the fender n the black wire n red wire connect together then they tirgle the alarm. thats it the alarm fuse broke.

When the do this take their photo using your HP, and post it here so we can see who is this guy. Then we can authenticate if their business if for real.

I thought takashimaya is some high-end departmental store brand… maybe I am wrong if they have the same name and unaware of things going around Miri. But, if their car alarm is good, there’s no need to sell from door to door, right? I suspect it’s another scam, maybe I am wrong. Anyway, just be careful.

takashimaya? ha…ha… is that what they called themselves now…?

they came to sell me car security when i bought my 1st car, i told them i’ve full comprehensive insurance and i’m already regretting buying the wira, i hope someone will steal it…

Not a bad idea huh…hehe…

The website design by UTM practical student. Hahahahaha! talk about cheap skate. Don’t buy from them lah. They claim the have GPS and what not… I wonder if they willing to put alarm into a very very old and ugly looking car. I am sure they say, “Sir, I think our alarm system cost more than the car. They may steal the alarm system instead of the car.”


Takashimaya, 1st impression was the shopping mall in SIngapore… LOL

Show them the bomb in the car that you’ve wired in there to go off should there be any tempering. (see at 0:51)


Yup, that was why their company name was easy for me to remember for having to be there in Singapore a few times.

And I thought it was a Hypermart too… Well, 10seconds huh…with a 20sen coin ?? That’s interesting to see…

Yeah me too…

By teh way I love the chicken and asparagus
selling at the ground floor there…

darn,…if only this tread came up early…
they did manage 2 start my car within 10-15secs…open my doors,10sec…
but abt the product,it sounds good when they demonstrated…but down side,freakingly EXPENSIVE!!!..
sigh,was not thinking properly that time i guess…hahahahahhaa…

better report to police…maybe they had something to do with the missing cars in miri…try start my apek car in the morning,it has difficulties to start engine and sometimes it bad mood,you cant even start it door also has problem to open,it just wouldnt budge sometimes …20 years old car…hehehe… :mrgreen:

just a thought…

you think those pros cannot steal your car after they sell you the expensive products?

they can even steal cars with super duper alarm system, immobiliser, steering lock, gear stick lock, gps tracker, etc. you think that little (but expensive) pieces of metals and plastic will stop them?

yeap thats true… depends on luck

i’m sure it works. My friend demo-ed to me using a 20 cents coin and you put it on some part at a certain angle of your speedometer, default alarm goes.

but dont u think that by having those gadgets,(sterring lock,gear lock,immobilizer,etc,) it will definately delay the time it takes to steal,drive off with the cars…
and maybe that extra 15seconds just might save ur car???
and by having those gadgets,it will put potential car jackers off…as there are much more easier car 2 high jack???
but then again,if thats the car they want,they will try and get it… just have 2 pray and hope luck is on ur side…

think Mirians sakai meh? Takashimaya is the departmental store in Sg…why cant they think of a better name instead?

To be honest, I prefer the good old steering lock that ties to the brake.

There’s no way you can steal the car unless you tow it. But then if they decide to tow you car, tough luck .