TAIB Mahmud!

TAIB Mahmud!!!

too long :stuck_out_tongue:

simple type only :lol:

still watching… very slow connection

arrrrggggghhhh…!!! politic overload. my head hurts. i m going to chill out watching ‘courage’ the cowardly dog on cartoon network for the next few days and not read see anything politic until next election. :slight_smile:

He won becoz of money politics. We jz cant help it?
Let the God to punish him!!!

hope the next election giv punish to taib mahmud!!! 40+ years is too long!!! 40+ year’s money is with him =.= T.T

there is nothing to be proud of …winning the two-thirds majority by BN. infact, it is a tell-tale sign. they have lost their cities seats. looks like they need to build new ones elsewhere. anyway, it is just the beginning. change will come eventually. we can’t win a battle in one day. it will take time and trying… and it is only a matter of time.

I believe Sarawak already win, if not for BN dirty tactics.

Come to think of it right, if BN (not all but certain masterminds in there) serve the rakyat the way it suppose be (clean and fair), they will win the election :slight_smile: Then PR will not be strong to against them.

Since there are rotten eggs in a tray, and since it is too late to remove as it has spread all over the eggs in that tray, then we just have to change a new tray for the new eggs :roll:

Next election?? :shock: … thought he said he is going off in mid term??

Next election?? :shock: … thought he said he is going off in mid term??[/quote]

Disclaimer: Decision are subject to change without further notice

+1. Eventually some people just doesn’t seems to understand this.

Nice…Soon 1 Malaysia become 2 Malaysia.Belive me…

can we trust a crocodile? this one two-legged with white hair somemore. Last time said he cannot retire because there’s no successor. Now suddenly say he has been grooming a successor for 20yrs.

Taib, make sure your successor is not an UMNO a*s licker. We need a Sarawakian leader with high integrity to serve our interest at all level. Period!

1 malaysia = 2 white hair = 28million of victims

his capabilities are astounding! he can work from the parliament, his mansion, abroad, interstate and most probably he can also work from his grave :slight_smile:

his successor will be his son! and their empire will keep spreading and spreading and spreading!!! thier properties across US and Canada will keep on growing due to the support from the prople of Sarawak! and at the end, what does the people of Sarawak get? can’t even afford to buy a house to stay on their homeland. this is really a sad story.

yea…i guess his son will be the successor or other relatives…then that time more cham…both ppl eat together