Taib Mahmud a coward Running Scared? he does not dare to sue

Running Scared?

Posted Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Tight lipped He once lapped up attention, but now the door is slammed shut

For the first time in 30 years Abdul Taib Mahmud has cancelled the traditional press conference, normally held at the Wisma Bapa Malaysia after the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Even more astonishing, the journalists were barred from the building, as if they were unwanted intruders.

It is often such small, but extremely strange signs, that make us aware of developments that are seismic behind the scenes. Like when a beach suddenly bares before a tsunami or there is rumbling before an earthquake.

So what has made Taib act so out of character? What pressure is he under that he and his ministers have suddenly decided they dare not face what has for so long been their lapdog press?

The inescapable conclusion is that the evidence has now piled so high, that Taib suddenly realises that he can no longer brush aside the questions about his corruption and the squalid wealth of his family, both in Sarawak and abroad.

With the issue now making headlines in Malaysia and reaching the international news, even the controlled pressmen of Sarawak would not be able to avoid asking questions about it. And, by cancelling the press conference, it seems clear that Taib has no idea how to answer them.

It is a sign of fatal weakness at the heart of his regime that Taib no longers dares to face the press.

Lost for answers!

Family company CMS built the DUN  now it is full of hostile questions directed at Taib

People should remember that Taib has already been suffering under siege in the State Assembly.

He may have been able to rig the recent election to produce his customary 2/3 majority of seats yet again, but even after all the bribery and manipulation 45% of voters still voted against him and there now is a strong body of PR opposition YBs, who are fearlessly giving him a far tougher time than before.

So how has he dealt with their outraged questions about corruption and cronyism? How has he met their complaints about lands and contracts being handed out to his unqualified children and siblings, instead of being tendered properly for the benefit of the people of Sarawak?

It turns out he has been reduced to having to switch off their microphones, rub out their statements from the Hansard record and even to throwing these individuals with their rightful concerns physically out of the DUN building!

The only reason for such a farcical reaction has to be that he finds such questions impossible to answer, so he needs to pretend that they havent been asked.

In exactly the same way, now that it is the turn of the press to ask the same set of questions, he has been forced to lock the doors and shut them out!

The questions that Taib is frightened of being asked

So, what are the questions that any decent set of journalists would have put to Taib, if he had agreed to open the door? We suggest the following top five:

Chief Minister, how do you explain the US$1.5 billion dollars worth of assets that have been acquired by members of your immediate family through just 14 of the more than 400 companies that they own?

Chief Minister, you claimed that you and your family do no business in Sarawak to avoid being hounded by accusations that you have used your influence to enrich yourself.  So how do you explain the over 300 companies in Sarawak that you and your family own shares in?

Chief Minister, your dead wife has been the largest single shareholder of Sarawaks largest single company, CMS.  Yet she passed away two years ago.  She received those shares from your brother Onn, so who is her beneficiary?

Chief Minister, why do you keep handing out all the most valuable state lands and state contracts to members of your own family in secret deals, instead of putting them out to open tender?

Chief Minister, given that dual citizenship is illegal, is your eldest daughter, Jamilah, Malaysian (as it says on the records of the 87 Sarawak companies in which she holds shares) or is she Canadian, as admitted by her husband Sean Murray? 

There are, of course, numerous other questions that eager journalists, given half a chance might unleash on the Chief Minister and we suggest that contributors to our comments column put theirs forward too. These are also questions that should rightly be asked by the Malaysian police force, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and, of course, Taibs political colleagues and the Prime Minister of Malaysia!

Jobs for the newsmen

Sarawak  full of stories for newsmen

Now that Taib is no longer so interested in talking to the press it is going to give them a bit of a challenge. After all, for the past decades Sarawak newspapers have relied for every page on tedious stories recording the aging Taib and his colleagues daily movements, without question or criticism.

The Borneo Post is largely owned by his timber crony Henry Lau of KTS and the Sarawak Tribune is half-owned by his cousin Hamed Sepawi and edited by his own daughter Hannifah Taib. Their fawning praise has, unsurprinsingly, never faltered.

However, if the Chief Minister is no longer going to provide them with a constant stream of stories about his comings and goings and latest theories on progress and development, what can we suggest for them to write about instead?

Again, we would be happy to see suggestions in our comments column. However, might we suggest that the journalists of Kuching roll up their trouser legs and get out on the roads to examine some of Sarawaks devastated interior and visit some of Sarawaks disinherited tribes?

Progress and development? Sarawaks dreadful roads

They could consider why the majority of the population no longer have clean rivers and fish to provide food and water. They could cover the landgrab scandal. They could demonstrate the effects of erosion. They could look at the lamentable health problems of the population and ask how corruption has interfered with proper medical care.

They could look at schooling and why it still fails so many native Dayaks? Why promised roads are not being delivered? They could document the gangster attacks on behalf of loggers and go searching to see what remains of Sarawaks once fabled biodiversity its trees and animals.

They could feature the lives and problems of some of the ordinary folk of Sarawak, instead of boring everyone to death with yet more dreary and depressing articles about Abdul Taib Mahmud, the ancient Chief Minster who dare not step down for fear that his successor might challenge all his ill-gotten gains!

Sabah and Sarawak are pushing for their independence
Kicking out UMNO Malays - Free Sabah & Sarawak! Date: Friday, December 9, 2011, 12:46 PM
GEORGE TOWN: A group of prominent politicians and social activists from East Malaysia are seriously contemplating pulling out Sabah and Sarawak from the Federation of Malaysia.

They are planning to take up their case to the United Nations to hold a referendum on the status of the Borneo states as independent nations. They no longer want their states to be under the clutches of the Umno-led Putrajaya administration.

The group has already sought legal advice from the international community to explore all orderly and democratic means to legally declare Sabah and Sarawak as separate sovereign states. 

Sources said the group was keen to avoid any civil unrest, bloodshed and armed conflict with the central government, features usually associated with separatist movements. They want to resolve the pressing issue by peaceful and civilised means, said the source.Its learnt that about seven representatives from the group met London-based Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) chairman P Waytha Moorthy in Indonesia early this week to discuss the matter. 

Sources close to the group said the activists sought Waytha Moorthys help to facilitate their imminent representation in the UN. Its learnt that Waytha Moorthy had agreed to assist them, with the help of several influential international organisations. Waytha Moorthy recently facilitated a group of activists to air their grouses and grievances against the federal government at the UK Parliament.

'Systematic looting and plundering'
The group of activists are deeply perturbed by the federal governments alleged violations of the states rights, interests and benefits for more than four decades since the formation of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. 

The group is angry over the systematic looting and plundering of the states wealth by Umno and its cronies, said a source.Sabah, Sarawak, Malaya and Singapore formerly joined Malaysia in 1963. 

However, Singapore left the Federation in 1965.The Sabah and Sarawak activists believe that just like Singapore, their states too can pull out from Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak are two natural resources rich provinces in Malaysia, with massive wealth potentials in oil reserves and forestry. 

However, Sabahans and Sarawakians are convinced that they have remained poor due to the federal government's manipulation and usurpation of their power to self-determine their own affairs. 

Unhappy over petro dollars
They are crying foul over the mere five percent royalty cut received for their own oil, while the Putrajaya administration steals 95 percent of petro dollars. People from both Sabah and Sarawak realise that they are being short-changed. They know there has been daylight robbery of their god-given richness, said a source.Another contentious issue is the existence of an estimated 1.7 million illegal immigrants as rightful citizens in Sabah. 

Sabahans termed the illegal immigrants, mostly Filipino and Indonesian Muslims, as former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamads legacy. The government since under Mahathir has systematically brought in these aliens and granted them citizenships. These aliens are now legal MyKad holders in Sabah. Its absolutely outrageous and ludicrous, said the source. 

The illegal immigrant issue in Sarawak is not as disturbing as in Sabah although it is equally damaging.

'Raping of forest wealth'
The major issue in Sarawak is the raping of state forest wealth by the Umno-backed Taib Mahmuds government at the expense of the indigenous population.

The natives are also disgruntled by the usurpation of their customary land rights by the authorities despite a recent apex court ruling against it. Sabahans and Sarawakians are also said to be peeved with the Malay-nisation and Islamisation process of their states bureaucracy and political systems. 

Activists claimed that the federal government had appointed native Muslims to helm various ministerial portfolios and government departments to hasten and fasten this process.

These Muslim leaders and bureaucratic heads are puppets dancing to the tune played by their masters in Putrajaya, said the source.

Source : [http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/fmt-en ... xt-stop-un](http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/fmt-english/politics/sabah-and-sarawak/4128-push-for-sabah-swak-independence-next-stop-un)

west malaysia will never let go of east malaysia…

most of their income is from east…
so letting us go is like letting go their own form of rice bag…

will be a very tough task…

why don’t ask UN to do a poll how many sarawakian want independence .

UN poll huh?

worth a shot…but if east malaysia really pulls out of Malaysia…
we will definitely see a better change…

[quote=“DMsia”]UN poll huh?

worth a shot…but if east malaysia really pulls out of Malaysia…
we will definitely see a better change…[/quote]
then those Wm will come to sarawak as labour.

[quote=“rabbit75”][quote=“DMsia”]UN poll huh?

worth a shot…but if east malaysia really pulls out of Malaysia…
we will definitely see a better change…[/quote]
then those Wm will come to sarawak as labour.[/quote]

Then they will know that we do not live on trees anymore !!

we do live in trees…

just that instead of climbing, we use Lifts and have LCD screens installed into our tree houses…

[quote=“DMsia”]we do live in trees…

just that instead of climbing, we use Lifts and have LCD screens installed into our tree houses…
with luxury car (expensive horses and cow ) running inside the tropical jungle. :lol:

kuat gilak berangan ktk org tok hahaha

Then we are boss in our own land. Not west msian come here and be our boss.