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Tuesday February 1, 2011
Syndicate using IVR system in scam
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MEMBERS of the public have been advised to be careful when receiving calls through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system informing them that they owe the banks as it could be a scam, reported Kosmo!.

The scam, according to the tabloid is fast spreading.

The syndicate hoodwinked the victims by claiming that they have outstanding credit card debts.

The victims would be asked to contact another number for confirmation purposes where syndicate members manned the number.

They would then be asked to make payment by crediting the money into an account given the by syndicate.

The account is the same as the victims credit card accounts, the report quoted a source.

The source said for those who did not have credit cards, the syndicate would ask them to lodge a complaint with Bank Negara.

They would offer assistance to connect the calls to the central bank when it was actually their accomplices who manned the number.

The intention was to gather personal details, added the report and quoted another source as saying that banks would not use the IVR system to inform customers of their debts as that was against the Bank and Financial Institution Act 1989.

Much like phishing on the web.

It should be common sense not to give away important information like your credit card to anyone on the phone.