Syabu theft: Cop under probe found dead

Syabu theft: Cop under probe found dead

JOHOR BARU: A 40-year-old policeman who was being investigated for the syabu theft from the state police headquarters was found dead at an oil palm plantation.

The body of L/Kpl Morne Ali Amat, from the state narcotics unit, was discovered in Setia Indah here at 11.40am yesterday.

Police also recovered a pistol, a bullet casing and a motorcycle, all belonging to L/Kpl Morne.

Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said police were investigating the case as sudden death.

We found a gunshot wound on the right side of the victims head. We have to wait for the post-mortem results to determine if it was suicide or otherwise, he told pressmen at the state police headquarters here yesterday.

He confirmed that L/Kpl Morne (pic) was being investigated for the syabu theft and that his statement had been recorded.

L/Kpl Morne joined the police force on Jan 17, 1990 and he was attached to the Johor narcotics unit since March 16 last year.

L/Kpl Morne’s wife Jamaliah Salleh, 32, said she last saw her husband on Thursday morning when he left the house at 7am.

I thought he was going to work. The night before, he promised that no matter what happened, he would not leave me and the children, said the grief-stricken housewife, who has five children, aged between two and 13.

Jamaliah said she only realised something was amiss when her husband did not answer any of her calls the whole day.

I kept calling him and the phone just kept ringing. From Friday onwards, the phone went dead. The children kept asking for their father, especially the fourth one as she is very close to him.

I could not show my fear to them and just said that he was away at work, Jamaliah said, adding that she eventually lodged a police report.

Jamaliah said she only found out about her husbands death yesterday when several policewomen came to her house to inform her.

Jamaliah, who broke down several times, said her husband was a quiet man from Menumbuk in Sabah who took care of the family well.

Meanwhile, on the development of the syabu theft case, DCP Mohd Mokhtar said police have released the two other suspects, both aged 21, on police bail and rearrested them under Section 3(1) of the Special Preventive Laws.

He said the task force assigned to the case was working round the clock to catch the culprits.


i think he was killed by his partner in crime bcos they r afreaid that he will sold them.
wit over 1 million in value (syabu), do u think they dun have international mafia/yakuza/gangster link?

I think some drug addict ghost possesed him to steal the ganjaguru, i mean the syabu-syabu steamboat, NO! i mean the syabu. When he came to his senses he was already floating on top of his body.

I think the wife,Jamal of the jungle, Jameliah could be a bomoh as well,using his husband as a rag roll. 5 years later she’ll go dig up that ganjaguru and then sell it to the market. Of course by then, the stuff could have completely degraded and no wonder these days those shabu shabu quality on the market can be so third grade.Maybe there were already previous cases like these.

P/S:My own theory, if ya don’t have constructive comments i suggest you keep it to yourself.