S'wak Starts To Hunt Its Own Extreme Games Athletes

Source: http://www.bernama.com.my/bernama/v3/news_sports.php?id=217216

September 01, 2006 14:24 PM

S’wak Starts To Hunt Its Own Extreme Games Athletes

KUCHING, Sept 1 (Bernama) – The search for Sarawak athletes and new talents for extreme sports or better known as the X-Games begins with Miri City being picked the venue to host Sarawak Open Extreme Challenge 2006.

“The main objective is to unearth new talents as well as to develop and train potential young X-Games athletes in Sarawak,” the state’s Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry in a statement here Friday.

The ministry said the new found talents would be given the chance to represent in the selected national or international competition.

It said apart from producing future champions, it also wanted to turn Sarawak into X-Games powerhouse. The two-day event is scheduled to be held at Miri Skate Park, Taman Awam Miri starting Sept 16.

Interested parties can contact John Nasuil from the Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry at 082-440441 and William Phe from the Sarawak Extreme Sports Association at 082-414841.


I wonder what sort of games would there be? Wall-climbing? Inline skating?

if it was anything like the last time… its just Agressive inline… and skateboarding… thats it…

swak has oledi some raw talent skateboarder…

nasri lian from Miri, many skater from Kuching…Nik from agressive inline…i have LOVE MAG skate video BY CHOCOLATE covering KL, Kedah and Swak Scence…murah ajer…100% local production by CHOCOLATE aka Mohd Amin

We used to have Brandon Sim(pro skater in Australia), Damien Halim, Yang n Seng(twin aggressive inline)…most likely they slow down…

They need to open a REAL skatepark in Miri, like the ones they have in KL.

Chill - I agreed wt u on tis…ya ters no doubt on tis talented peeps infact ter r lot of 'em out ter…jst tat lack of xposure in tis area…

Suggestion - Support d event by taking part…get 2knw d organisers, work closely wt 'em n make it as an annual event if can…nt only u cn c more new talented ‘faces’ out of tis bt oso u cn ‘polish’ up yr skills by observing yr competitor’s skills 8 d same time promoting Miri… :smiley: 4 all u knw, Miri will b d ‘heart’ of Msia skatepark in d future… 8)

Jst my 2cts :wink:

Erm…i tink Adrian Johari is a skater too rite, Adrian? Cos, i noticed that u look familiar…macam those skaters who always play at Dynasty Centre with a friend of mine, si Gary. Oh ya, Gary is a skater too.

Chil, yang and seng don’t skate anymore, cos the last time i talked to Seng, he’s into Golf. What a loss to the inline skate community.

The skate park at Taman Awam is a little bit too small to accomodate big crowds especially when it comes to big events like the XGames. So i agree with The Extreme, that Miri should open a bigger skate park, BETTER if they open up a Youth activity centre - where all extreme sports activities can be organized there. I think the social devt and urbanisation ministry should look into this matter cos the presence of XGames brings in tourists to Miri - Tourists brings in Money for Miri and at the end of the day, fame hits Miri and whaddya know, Miri is on ESPN. :smiley:

Yeah i’m a sk8brdr and so was Gary…me and my bro just got active again in the last few months…matter of fact i was there hitting it :slight_smile: many of em yesterday is preparing for this wekend…expected many skaters from other cities will come :slight_smile:

we have skaters in the house…switch kickflip to k-grind nollie flip out??gud luck…

i support some raw skating…basic trick but big like leap of faith by jamie

we should have extreme skatepark as big as in kg batu in kl…let all the tourist come here n skate…besides that we are promoting sport tourism rite…ppl can go cart here, boling here, motocross here…sailing here…