Survey to identify villagers without birth certs in Marudi

Entri greets some of the headmen present at the dialogue.

Entri greets some of the headmen present at the dialogue.

MIRI: A survey will be conducted soon in the Marudi constituency to identify villagers and longhouse folk who still do not have birth certificates.

Assistant Minister of Public Utilities (Water Supply) Datuk Sylvester Entri Muran, who is Marudi assemblyman, said this is vital because the National Registration Department (JPN) will stop late registration applications in two years’ time.

He called on all longhouse chiefs to play their respective roles in identifying residents in their longhouses who are still without identification documents.

“On birth certificates issued among the rural folk, I look upon it as an important issue for the people and one that must be solved accordingly,” Entri said during a dialogue with village chiefs from the constituency yesterday.

A total of 111 village chiefs from Nabor, Beluru, Jegan, Teruking and Pengelayan attended the session.

Entri stressed that longhouse chiefs must not submit false applications for foreigners or those coming from outside the village, as they could be jailed if found guilty.

“Tuai rumahs, penghulus of the respective areas and myself as the elected representative for Marudi will sign these JPN late registration forms before they are interviewed and processed,” he said.

He called on community leaders to continue working closely with the government and himself as the assemblyman and not be easily influenced by certain quarters trying to confuse them due to the present political scenario in Marudi.

On renewing the appointment of penghulus and pemancas, he said the government through the district office would determine those who are eligible and can continue their services.

On the appointment of new tuai rumahs, he said the process would take some time as they need to be screened by the police in Bukit Aman before approval by the state government.

“Don’t listen to certain groups or political parties trying to confuse tuai rumahs about the slow process of appointment, which is done by the government’s administrative department and not the elected representatives,” he said.