Survey for favourite Aircon Brand

The weather in M’sia is getting hotter day by day, even rain frequently, but the weather is still unbearable.
Thus I decided to install a wall mounted type air conditioner, but there’s too many brands to choose from.
So I am doing a survey to know what’s the favourite AC brand that you all will recommend me to install.
I am looking for an 1~1.5 HP AC.

I would like to have the AC with Energy Saving, as I use more the AC it can be high rising rate for electric bill…QAQ
And hope that there will be producing less noise in order to not disturb me when sleeping and neighbours also. :slight_smile:

Btw, the appearance of the AC is vey important
An elegant/beautiful design is one of the factos you should consider when choosing also.
R 410 A refrigerant I think is good.

if u prefer energy saving air-cond,
i think u may consider buy York Air-Cond,
my friend bought a new model recently, she said quite save on electric.
btw, she is using the Wall Mounted Inverter model.

how beautiful and elegant of the air-cond?:grin:
the R410A model you mentioned is from which brand?
I also looking for energy saving air-cond,
but i prefer non inverter one, because no much i use actually,
btw, i saw in ads, the York R410A got air purifier function.
that sound great to me as myself got allergic rhinitis problem.

R410A refer to which brand ? hmm I agree the appearance is important but I don’t think that can affect you to do the purchasing because I think the most important is the function of the AC itself. If the AC is very good in looking but don’t have rapid cooling , energy saving those function I don’t think a wise user will spend money on it.

yes. have to survey the good brand. I use xx China brand before. Holy crap , 2 years already need to change already so better you find some really good brand. If not only waste your money

depends, some user might buy becoz of the elegant design, especially young ppl.
btw, elegant design only as add marks to the other multiple function.
i think R410A refer to York Wall Mounted Deluxe R410A.
that model quite popular now, somemore have ion purifier function.

haha, electrical appliance better buy branded one,
i dare not to use china no brand one,
better spend more money to buy a good one.
now whether air-cond with inverter or non-Inverter also quite fair price with multiple function.
among all brand i prefer York because those function more suitable to me, especially the quiet mode feature.

According my knowledge I think R410A is the type of refrigerant being used in the aircon
York Wall Mounted Deluxe R410A maybe the R410A is referred to the refrigerant used in this model…
R410A is now widely used.
Wow…many forumers also recommended me to have an aircon by York
I think I can make the decision now hehe