Surcharge at resteraunt?

Is it legal to add in a surcharge at a cafe?

I went to Miri Cafe last night and was shocked to see a surcharge on the receipt

pic for the reciept? how much? what do you eat?

Service charge 10%?

If there’s surcharge, it means that the net income of that business has reach a certain limit, can’t remember the exact value. i.e. Sugarbun has no surcharge (at least I know few months ago, not sure of it now), while KFC, McDonalds in Miri has surcharge. You can say restaurants with surcharge is earning a lot.

TS just came out from cave LOL

+2… LOL

Sugarbun at boulevard mall got (which is why I think the business is slowly dwindling).

we love to eat but hate to pay …hha …common sense …