SUPP urges Chinese to think … and think again before voting

MIRI: Chinese voters in urban Sarawak have been urged to be doubly sure of their choice before they cast their votes on Wednesday (May 9).

Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP) secretary-general Datuk Sebastian Ting said that there was a possibility that Chinese representation at Federal level could be “wiped out”.

The Barisan Nasional candidate for the Miri parliamentary seat said that even now, Sarawak did not have any Chinese representation at Cabinet level.

"For the past five years, there have been no Sarawak Chinese ministers or deputy ministers in Putrajaya.

"For Sabah, there was only one … Mary Yap.

"For this 2018 election, there is a real worry that the Chinese tsunami will wipe out all Chinese representation and that would be disastrous.

“The Chinese voters need to think and think again about this scenario,” he told the press here on the last day of campaigning.

He said for a multiracial society, there must be good mix of races in Government.

“We want balanced policies that protects the interests of all races,” he stressed.

Ting called on the over 80,000 voters in Miri to vote with wisdom so that they will have an MP who can safeguard their interests and needs.