SUPP Piasau branch helping widow solve citizenship issue

NRD officer Norazizan Hamzah (in black suit) attending to Rose (on wheelchair) who is accompanied by (from right) Lee, Joanna and Leong.

MIRI: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Piasau branch has come to the aid of a 57-year-old widow, Rose Sulau Tugau, over her citizenship status.

Its chairman Datuk Sebastian Ting who is now in Kuala Lumpur has sent his representative, councillor Aries Leong, together with councillors Lee Thin Hin and Joanna Ping, to accompany Rose who is unable to walk due to spinal injuries, to go to the National Registration Department counter at the UTC here on Thursday.

They went there to check Rose’s permanent resident (PR) status.

“The department gave her all the necessary forms and the officers would visit her in her house to interview her later,” Leong said.

Rose’s citizenship status has caught the attention of the branch after she pleaded for assistance to get her citizenship sorted out.

With her citizenship status sorted out, the widow from Long Selatong would be able to apply for welfare assistance particularly in helping to finance a major operation on her back costing more than RM20,000.

The NRB headquarters in Putrajaya has issued a press statement on Wednesday in response to Rose’s citizenship problem.

According to the press statement, their record showed that Rose’s parents had not presented any supporting document when they applied for their daughter’s identity card on June 7, 1973.

Since then, Rose has been a holder of an identity card with permanent resident status.

The press statement added that in those days, the colour of PR identity card was similar to Malaysia’s citizenship identity card.

There are four square marks in red as well as the words ‘Permanent Resident’ printed and clearly seen on PR identity cards.

However, effective June 1, 2006, the PR identity card, now known as MyPR, has been changed to red with the words ‘Permanent Resident’ printed on the card.

Source: The Borneo Post

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