(SUPP) Motion of No-confidence from the 3 Branches

I can only conclude this scenario

Law Hieng Ding has an axe to grind. Since his minister ship demise he has been scheming overtime to destroy George Chan. He has been telling lies after lies. I hope his grandchildren do not pick up his trait.

Wong Soon Kho decided he cannot wait. He is known as a congenital liar. Come 2008, he wasnt sure he can get what he wants, so with the money from SKT Group from Sibu (oops! should read KTS) he tries to check-mate George Chan. Remember this! All dogs will have his day.

Jerip is hoping to be a assistant-minister from the episode. Being greedy, he will find himself losing out totally because he does not realise he is being used like a prostitute only to be cast-off when these guys have satisfied their unholy needs. Good riddance Mark my words.

Good analysis.

We shall see the real outcome of all this.