Suntory royal jelly

This is another up-and-coming product from Suntory Wellness group.
Introducing Suntory Royal Jelly + Sesamin E ( + E) .
Suntory Royal Jelly is made up of the highest grade of honey and has numerous benefits to overall health and beauty! Through extraction of nectar by royal bees and decomposition of nectar by the bees throat gland, a milky pungent liquid is secreted and this is referred to as Royal Jelly. The liquid is then extracted and made into tablets and is infused with sesame essence called Sesamin and Vitamin E for better absorption and good for the liver. You can either take Suntory Royal Jelly in replacement of other individual supplements or take it altogether. This product is highly recommended by .
Benefits of Suntory Royal Jelly:
Improve overall health including building strong vitality, liver and improving sleeping disorder
Provide the necessary nutrients everyday (Especially for ladies in the 40s and 50s experiencing PMS syndromes) as Suntory Royal Jelly + Sesamin E contains essential amino acids, calcium, sesamin and Vitamin B, E & C.
Maintain youthfulness and beauty which includes brightening of overall complexion, reduce acne problems and anti-aging properties
Has no pungent smell of raw royal jelly!
Perfect for ladies, gentlemen, young and old.
Ingredients of Suntory Royal Jelly:
Dried royal jelly, lactose, calcium shells, maltitol, milk calcium, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), corn starch, sucrose, vitamin E, calcium carbonate, gum arabic, sesame extract, shellac, gelatin, talc, carnauba wax and beeswax
Intake Direction:
Take maximum of 4 tablets a day (1800 mg royal jelly) after meal.
Not suitable for pregnant ladies or breastfeeding moms, people with allergies to ingredients listed above and asthma patients.
Consult your doctor first if you are taking medication
Please stop consumption if rashes or any allergies appears
Store product at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight
Please do not take more than 4 tablets a day




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