Sungai Tujuh checkpoint closing time for opening prayer?

Anyone knows the time? I heard 6-7pm, is it true?


I can confirm Brunei custom will be closing 6:30-7:00 everyday during Puasa period since I just asked yesterday. For Malaysia side, I did not ask. but I arrive Miri Custom around 6:10pm and it still operating.

appreciate if anyone can tell the situation for Miri custom.

The fark? Seriously? closing the checkpoint just for that.

You can’t do anything about it. Its their way of doing things and if you have a problem with it bring it up to the Brunei authorities (good luck with that too).

you think you can interfere in Brunei’s domestic affairs?..I recommend you get a life

Brunei more Islamic what…

i just come back from brunei, i asked the ppl there, they told me the break time is from 6.30 till 7.30, might open early la