Sungai Rajang now

Look what happen to Rajang now. What do you have to say?

[attachment=4]sg rejang1.jpg[/attachment]
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Looks more like a longkang now. Maybe the authorities can build road on the the river bed to save cost since it is dry now.

the next sungai gombak…

should blame our own self for the disaster.

‘we’ let this happened.

all because of bakun project…

wonder where the crocodiles go. Thanks to our leaders. People removed, animals removed, this is development.

the source of life in srwk is dead…soon there will be catastrophy/disaster for both human and animals…??

very little to do with natural disaster. :stuck_out_tongue: it is more a product of man made disaster… bad planning and practice

Heard they say that it’s for Sarawak’s own good but this the effects of it. Correct me if im wrong.

if that so, hope to see all long house along rajang river will get proper electricity…(but i doubt it)… :roll:

but they say it is cause by DROUGHT season from November till March next year…(cheap excuse)…

lets walk across rajang river now.
no need boat.

they should release the water from bakun immediately.

once the longest river in malaysia.i remember the days crossing it using ferry to get to the other side.if this do not wake up the people i have no idea what will.this is too much

Drought couldn’t have done this…why not every year drought dry up Rejang River?

now the shallowest i guess…

cannot be DROUGHT season. never in my life i saw Rajang dried up like this. i guess there maybe a lot of fishes that need to be caught at this time. :smiley:

no need feri go seberang jalan kaki pun bole

Lucky Lanang and Durin Bridge already completed if not , dunnolah how we drive to Kuching. Anyone have latest pics of the rajang on Sibu or Durin side?

hmmmhmm i wonder why local newspaper didnt publish about this news anymore…

Answer is very simple. toe the line or permit gantung. Choose one.