Suggestion place for wedding dinner

Looking everywhere to find a good place for my wedding night dinner. Anyone has good suggestion? Comments please include the food quality, quantity and also the environment surrounding. Thanks!!

Very depending… What is ur top concern? Environment? Good food? Or pricing?

It also depends on the number of tables cos’ some smaller restaurants cannot accomodate many people.

U missed out on Eastwood & Sin Soon Chin from your choices

Good food and environment i think. Don’t want later got people complaint eat not full or not delicious something like that. Cause wedding is once in a time so the price I don’t think is important. I guess the table i need will be around 30-40 only. Normal hotel and restaurant should be no problem with that.

Don’t forget Imperial Palace Hotel…

Anyone tried Meritz Hotel wedding dinner before?

For me Eastwood and Imperial is my choice of hotel for my wedding in future. Hall is big. Service is good.

i used to work as part time waiter , so far i guess eastwood ballroom is the best ( comes with high price of cos ) , mega ok la , imperial also ok , dynasty hotel also not bad . others i dont know :mrgreen:

You have to book 1 year ahead. Otherwise… you might misses the date.

and… the price may “hike” on auspicious date…

Wedding package only hikes yearly. Won’t hike on auspicious date.

Yes. One’s got to confirm and book their date a year in advance. This is to avoid disappointment at last min when all the auspicious date are fully booked.

if good food with environment., imperial hotel mayb…

I had a great dinner in la wedding venue at my friend’s reception party. I am now thinking of hiring it for my wedding reception also.