Suggestion on OUT OF TOPIC Forumer

Ju st want to say here… things that make the Forum look unprofesional is some forumer are somtime out of topic.
and to make it worse there is no Admin to say anything bout it when it happen.

im sorry if the critic is sound a bit ahrsh but i really want MiriCom to be the 1 of the best forum. Especially it show that its the Mirian that handle it.

most of the case i saw here.

for example, the thread topic is about " Chiken Price"
then all the time we talk bout the chiken… then in 1 post… the forumer do mention to use thing like server to monitor chiken price or so like his office do."

then…some forumer…thats we already know quite good in IT thingy… start to talk bout…what model, he also have the same model. whut you already upgrade n stuff, what is the avatr really want to say, your sig is quite nteresting, is it you? etc etc."

its seem that MiriCom are more like chat room. and this is so unprofesional.

we do have thread to talk about other thing.

and 1 more thing… do delete the thread that have been in the forum with no reply at all.

it is nice to see a forum with alot of topic to talk about…
but when the topic is post in case of making it look active… then it look like ermm i dono whut to say.

now we do have a lot of topic are being discuss…so the topic that have been posted to make it look active or to give a push start for forumer in the begining of the forum birth and seem not active… do remove it.

make it more manage and usefull.
try to save the forum resource as much as we can.

i really hope this do not happen coz i can say im involved in a bigger Malaysian Forum like where there alot of forumer,
but seem the forum flow is more smooth.less dead topic, less spam and less out of topic are going on.

if some of the post that other fella forumer are quite a topic to ask.
do use PM or private mesage. thats what the things are really for.

other than that…i love this forum coz its really show that we mirian are really going in the same rytym with the IT. and i hope my critic and suggestion can make out Forum 1 of the best.

i suggesgt we have a thread inforcer for every secsion.
not just a forumer that do the random topic but a forumer that can manage the flow of each section.
we seem do to ahve a lot of active member in every section right?

All the best and always the best.

i know im new but its what i see the best for our forum.
just my 2 cent to make our forum the best… love miricom… love miri. :lol:

Hey relax lar, after all we’re all here to exchange ideas and speak out minds. Your views are also welcomed.

One of The Tenth MiriCom Commandments

Thou shall not calleth the name of Admins in vain. :smiley: LOL!


Hi …

I dont know about you but seems you’re active kind of late in which is a very good and encouraging signs that MiriCom should have more friends like you on board, my friend.

Anyway about what I’ve said up there. Try not to “drop” it on Admin everytime, aight? Suggestable read this : first and try to understand it further :smiley:

Hope you’ll keep on contributing to The Miri Community. Most important - Have Fun!


Delarafi. I was just kidding up there about the 10th Commandments , alright? Cheers. Hehehe

A thread may deviate from its original topic due to jokes and having fun, but it should swing back towards its original post as much as possible. The participants in this forum helped alot occassionally when threads go off topic they give a gentle reminder to swing it back to topic.

roger that… not enoguh sleep… thats why im going to eb too serious…hehehe… anyway. nice to be here. though . (sory out of topic)

I too a mere mortal :smiley: and lackedth of slepth too heheh . Im beginning to love the “biblical languages”. :smiley:

let admin delete their posts. i mean the out of topic one. huhu

I would like to stress about the professionalism and unprofessionalism about a forum, first, are we mostly professional?? or plainly because some of us are and some are not. Not all of us in this forum think likewise with each other, And this is not an “in-particular” forum compare to other forums like lowyat and other forums you have visited. This forum are mix with all sort of people with all sort’s of race and attitudes we see everyday as I had observed, The thing about why this forums is maitained in a way you might have discovered and stated earlier it’s because we as mods and admins would like every type of users to join.
Say all, young and old to keep giving opinions and thoughts, you might think we are sleeping in one sense but Hei, it is not the traffic we are in particular of, it is the gathering of friends, relatives , all mirian’s and knowing new people even from outside the forums giving thoughts and ideas. The thing we would maintain is the peace and friendliness of being as a family and also maitaining the cleaness.
Being out of topic? maybe a little would make it fun , but if OFF too much we might bring it back on track as what ian had stated. But we would keep an eye on the poster’s that breech the TERMS AND AGREEMENT of this forum. We are watching most of the time…all of us for your info. And if there is a problem we will take any action neccessary and warn them via PM.
But of course if you do have any problems with any post do PM any of us Mod’s or Admin’s for notice so we can decide what to do.