[suggestion] forum section for art and graphics

(biatche) #1

need a forum for art and graphics.

(Jackson Liaw) #2

MiriCommunity.net is aways open for suggestions to expand our forums. If there is a demand for the requested forum, we will need to see more postings/contributions made in that context. I hope you will understand. Kindly provide more details on what sort of postings you envisioned for everyone to contribute for an “Art & Graphics” forum so that more readers may vote for one to be set up.

P/S: A poll has been setup above.

(biatche) #3

just wanted to ask of some artist wanna meet up and do some collaborative work with me.

(biatche) #4

Heh to begin with, this forum section is quite deserted… don’t think we’d get good polling feedback.

(VeilSupra) #5

u may specify the term art and graphic thus forumers know how to give feedback. its a good start since miri is quite new in this field.