Suggestion for Miri Buffet tomorrow nite? (Monday-30-Aug)

Hi Guys! any Buffet Dinner at Miri tomorrow can suggest me?
hehe, wanna gathering with frens…

well, my 1st come in mind was Eastwood Raya Special Buffet.
price around 35+ and food is jus okay. jus hope there is more choice la.

Suggestion & comment pls! :slight_smile:

Surely a lot will recommend Dynasty…But I wouldn’t though, last weekend went there RM57 per head, was disappointed with the food and especially the drinks(2 choices only)…Marriot one even better, although more expensive I suppose


a bit tough le for buffet booking now.

Quality wise surely either at Marriot / Parkcity.

Eastwood i think ok as their chef previously from Mega Hotel (if no changes). I may be wrong on the chef info.

I think not much choice for buffet as far as i can think of in mind.

Parkcity even worst, brought my family (3paxs) there last saturday. I tot as usual they have seafood bbq stall outside. VERY DISAPPOINTED where only one round of lobster. I manage to take 3 pieces only and definitely not happy for what I pay for (RM55/pax). When I ask them what happen to the lobster? why only 1 round as there are over 100 pax at least having the dinner and everyone is waiting. The chef was telling me that they also waiting for someone to send the stock. Damn…! We waited for almost 45min and my son go outside many times to check if there is lobster until he got fed-up already. NO MORE FOR PARKCITY. They should change name to SUCKCITY.

heheh…yumxxx…v pity la makan here heheh…bgs beli grg sendiri la ne mcm…puas ati oh…what u expect in miri oh…mahal je ba…peace…:slight_smile:

hhaha thanks for all the info guys! appreciate it so much!
well, i guess i will jus go for Eastwood then, i went there last 2 weeks and i think still okay with the food n price.

too bad Hartz Chicken BUffet grand-open on 3rd Sept ,lol ~ if not can go there. 8)

i heard McDonald also goin for 24 hours drive-thru edy! tat’s a good news to me! hahahaha!! :smiley:

from what i heard and see, the mcd drive-thru will be opening in tanam desa indah 3 area, the contruction is in progress now.