Sugar Costs 20 Sen More Per Kg From Tomorrow

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 31 (Bernama) – Sugar will cost 20 sen more per kg from tomorrow, with the new price being RM1.65 in the peninsula and RM1.75 in Sabah and Sarawak, it was announced Thursday.

Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry secretary-general Datuk Mohd Zain Mohd Dom, who made the announcement, said the government would also withdraw its subsidy on white bread from tomorrow and remove the commodity from the price control scheme.

He said the increase in the sugar price was necessitated by the rise in the price of raw sugar in the world market, and that the government still subsidised the price, at 80 sen per kg or RM1.008 billion for the year.

"The subsidy on sugar is retained and the amount is much higher than the subsidy in 2009, which was RM720 million.

“However, as the world price of raw sugar has risen high especially since August, from US$0.14 to US$0.16 per pound to US$0.27, the government has had to raise the price of sugar,” he told reporters here.

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Welcome to 2010!

No more subsidies for sugar and white bread, and GST in the making. Should not have any burden for the well off then. As for the others, just tighten your belts more and change your lifestyle… :evil:

World price rise u think malaysia price also no nid?

we gonna change our lifestyle again rite??..hmmm, de javu once more…well
better have less sugar now, healthier too… “KURANG MANIS BANG”

kurang manis tapi harga tak kurang,hahahaha

Woowser, its new year best present from government. Thanks BN (barang naik)

No more cheap sugar diabetic people (literally)! Time to eat healthy!

Life’s getting expensive~~

hmm… no wonder when i was in kuching on holiday, sugar ran out of stock everywhere. well, i am sure more to come. the government will un-subsidised every other items in the near future…

amother good reason to minimize sugar usage
but msian tauke is the supplier, so how come can increase leh?