Successful Tradelist

(mike88) #1

Dear Admins and Mods,I’m proposing that we have a list, with simple details about all our personal online transactions. of course ones only.not including ebay,lelong all other websites. Each person only require 1 single post…they will keep update their own transaction record under the same post. It’s sort of like a reputation for the person who wanted to conduct online business. At least we can help minimize online scam cases. and mayb when the person reach let say rm50k sales,he or she will be given a ‘safe trader’ title?
juz a suggestion. :slight_smile:

(HLChin) #2

no point loh, even a successful trader with huge amount can become a conmen overnight in forum.
it’s human nature, one day you are good, will turn bad the next day.

(mike88) #3

its depend on the seller want to spoil his own reputation by earning ‘1-time-big-money’ or long term money lo.
rare case that someone who is a successful trader become conmen,even if there is, its the supplier prob i guess.i’ve read some cases, and some manage to settle it. some even fork out own money to cover the loss.

(Jackson Liaw) #4

This is a good topic for discussion. I have a feeling if such a manual list existed, the number of scams will increase due to the easy nature of convincing people with potential false transactions which should reflect on the size of their reputation. Why not educate consumer to be a smart online buyer instead? Just a thought because we’re dealing with human nature here.

(mike88) #5

im not sure how it works but mayb something like:
1)Product II Price II date of transaction II buyer’s name/nickname(hyperlink it)
like this the buyer’s name will be a real person. seller cant make up a fake buyer. for other new buyer who wanted to deal with seller,mayb they can pm those past buyers to reconfirm or something like that.
It sound a bit troublesome but in long term, i think there will benefits to both seller n buyer.
Sellers get reputation, buyers can deal with them without worrying this n that.

(Jackson Liaw) #6

I recall automated system like this is already in place (e.g. ebay) to be the intermediate party between the seller & buyer. When payment is made to the system (via their online payment gateway), it will hold on the received payment until the buyer acknowledges receipt, and then releases the money to seller. With that, there will be no room for suspicion in the transaction records. But I’m seeing people already misusing the system by advertising their items & direct payment details. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

If look at’s Classifieds, the forum disclaims any involvement with the usage of the information provided. This is mainly because like in real life, it is the sole responsibility of the seller & buyer to ensure honesty and professionalism. If there is a need for a system in place to benefit both parties, I will suggest an authentication system instead of a reputation system. Seller submits personal details to system (e.g. scanned copy of IC, proper phone number, address, payment details, etc) for verification, buyer sees an authenticated seller, makes a deal, if deal went well - good, else bad - make a report, personal details of seller is released, and disgruntled buyer does what he wants with seller personal details in a confidential level. Just my 2 cents, but tell me what you guys think? :smiley:

(mike88) #7

Authentication system is way to way too coz got all the particulars of the seller. is juz that mayb dun need such advance system yet eh? but then again,if can hv that kind of system,why not? =)

(SuiginTou) #8 style derp

Here the Classified section is not that hot yet, and since its mostly done CoD, Its user fault if he/she fail to check the things properly.

Of course, however a blacklist is needed here to raise awareness

(mike88) #9

unless we forever want to trade in Miri or COD only,then successful tradelist is not require. we also can become East Malaysia’s one day. bukannya tak mungkin rite?

(SuiginTou) #10

with our forum community like this, I think it will take years

(sgarrista) #11

becoming east lyn??? well… i dun say its impossible… but… itll take time with our community,agree with suigintou, if only u mcnet can get ppl from other places like bintulu, sibu, kch to join then, we will get a larger crowd, but i remember bintulu did have infobintulu last time… but dunno wat happen to it

(roughn3ck) #12

Good idea…

(VeilSupra) #13

how about Unsuccesful Tradelist? i mean dishonest seller.

(roughn3ck) #14

Bad rating is good enough. The judgement is based solely on buyer… This is very subjective…