Subway opening in miri

(Ransu) #21

Sub of the day of Monday, Italian BMT! Yumm… Anyway, don’t open in Parkson please. Parking is a big big problem there especially during weekends. Lining up to go entry the multi storey carpark takes 30 minutes or more with all the Brunei people coming down. Permaisuri mall isn’t a bad idea.

(BlackHyppo) #22

Permaisuri Mall!

(g@b@nTr0m3n) #23

Apart from permaisuri mall, another place dat u can consider is Shell Office in Lutong… Definately got sales over there… The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf seems to be doing good over there

(Cupid) #24

A non-busy, non-heavy traffic cheap location with a large expatriate & Shin Yang community - Piasau Garden shoplots!

(najaro) #25

When, when?
How about the new shoplots at Pujut 7?

(mileinna) #26

Suggest to have it at the new shop lot in front of Shell office? The ang moh (expats) love to eat sandwich.
O’Brien target these office areas. But then there is a question of enough population or not…

(Anhelicoodle) #27

I’m hoping it would open right in front of my home at TT (which is 99.99% unlikely). But for me i would like for Bintang Megamall to have its own Sub way stand so i can smuggle my artisan bread inside the cinema and munch my way through a movie. Hehe.

(najaro) #28

Still think inside the mall not a good option, parking is terrible to start with!
If you take the new shoplots at Pujut 7, that’s also where all the Bruneians pass on the way in and out!

(TYPE-R) #29

i heard from my contractor fren they r going to open at taman awam cos cheaper rent & many people on sunday. where is dis dat taman awam located?

(ASD) #30

Wherever it is, I hope the area is not fly infested as it seems that those little pest preferred Subway eateries compared to others here in Senai International Airport, JB. The food preparer has to fight them as they prepared the food and when I asked the cashier to do something about it, he mentioned that it has been brought up to the Airport Berhad since last year :frowning:

(phoenixshiranui) #31

more info


I suggest MYY Mall, Lutong. Forecast that there are very soon more Oil & Gas project teams are coming to Miri. Now more people working in Lutong. :smiley: :slight_smile: :lol: :o :wink: :roll:

(dyii95) #33

I still suggest in the middle of town… To be fair to people living in the airport side… Anywhere in town would be nice… Be it at a mall or a shoplot outside

(sgarrista) #34

Why just one???

(L Dong) #35

Subway just near me here…huhuhuhu!
nice cookies

(Subwaymiri) #36

Hi all,
Thanks for all the valuable suggestions and advise.
We’ll definitely take into account all these suggestions and build something good and healthy for Miri.

For your information on how big is Subway in Malaysia, the current store count @ 160 throughout WM and is expanding.

Have a nice day and keep input priceless suggestions for us to improve.

(Saf) #37

so are you actually opening or not?

(MiriBoyz) #38

Looking forward for your opening Subway Miri. Finally get to see brands from Peninsular coming here to Miri. Hopefully Miri will be your first outlet in Sarawak. Like GSC and TGV.

(najaro) #39

Hello Subway,
Any news on when we can be expecting the Subway outlet to open in Miri???

(MultiUser) #40

Well, bintang is too less for parking space.
Imperial permaisuri is a suggestion.
Lutong is full of foreigner
Senadin is full of curtin STudent
Permymall is stop mall for Bruneian.
We can’t choose only One option.
The best, Open a Subway Drive Through. More Business.